when bored    2006-04-16 22:06:05 ET
Quoted from James randi's page:
"You may be listening to the wrong TV preacher if...
  • He/she asks you to send money to the Lord, but then gives you their address.
  • He wears a suit that would embarrass Michael Jackson.
  • The people he heals in Houston bear a striking resemblance to the ones he healed in Los Angeles the week before.
  • He embraces a pile of letters and guarantees that God will answer each prayer.
  • He/she uses the all-time most patronizing statement Ė "If youíd had enough faith, your friend would have been healed."
  • His hair takes a can of hairspray per show.
  • He says that the Spirit hasn't led him to disclose his financial reports Ė just yet."

    Old Bugs Bunny's cartoon still amuses me. I'm thinking to start looking on the net to see where I can download them all.

    There's nothing more adorable and also contegiously laughable than watching babies laughing as well.

    That's all for now.
  •  lately    2006-03-28 18:54:22 ET
    Last week I downloaded two videos of Violin Concertos; Sibeliusí one performed by Vengerov, and Beethovenís by Mutter. I watched them and it was amazing. You do can find interesting stuff on bittorrent downloads.

    I have to confess that Sponge Bob Squarepants does make me laugh sometimes.

    I think it is still early to declare how I am doing at school, rather good or bad, I donít know why I have a feeling that the next semester is going to by hard. Of course I still have about 5 months to find out.

    Damn heat. I can tell Summer finally came. Sometimes I sweat some when even playing violin in my room. Yet, strangely 5 days ago there was doing some cold and the morning, but alas, it is normal now. Damn sun.

     augh...    2006-03-16 19:34:37 ET
    Bad. Yesterday I got my monitor back. It seemed ok for about two hours, then it started looking ugly again, then today it wouldn't turn on, so I went back to have it repaired. Just when I was getting excited of having the 1280x1024 resolution, I'm with the 800x600 borrowed monitor again.

    Good. I bought a new RAM card, 512 Mb, the bad thing is that this one is 400 Hz, and my pc only accepted up to 333 Hz, and the one tha came with the computer is 256 Mb 266 Hz, so fro the new one it barely recognized 256 more (instead of the 512). So, due to the speed uncompatibility (Hz), my brother suggested me to trade this new one for his, wich is also 512 Mb but at 266 Hz, and I agreed. His card did fit well on my pc, so now I have in total 768 Mb of RAM at 266 Hz. Now I hope some programs don't take long to start up as before.

    Bad. I had an exam today, it had many formulas and I'm no good at memorizing stuff, thus, as always I wrote them in a little sheet to use them discretely in the exam. I got caught. For second time in my hole life. It sucks. Thankfully the professor noticed that I only had written general formulas and not explicite exam results, so he gave me the chance to finish up the exam. Tomorrow he'll give us the results. I hope he has some consideration.

     tired    2006-03-08 18:32:37 ET
    My monitor isnít ready yet (I send it on repair because it wasnít displaying well), but they gave another monitor while itís in repair. Though this one is smaller, and also has lower resolution (Iím using 800x600), but at least I can work with the computer now.

    Damn, last night I was awake until 3:40 am because of doing homework... better said, answering an exam; I know it sounds weird but it was an exam. The professor was going to gave us the exams when he noticed that it might be too long to do it in one hour, so he told us to do it as homework. The subject is Digital Signals Processing, a.k.a Mathematics VI because is has to do everything with what we saw in math V, continuous and discontinuous functions in time, Fourier, etc. Anyway, a lot of my classmates wanted to gather an do the exam in group (so more heads would be thinking better, sharing results, etc) but alas to say, I think I work better alone with this stuff, hence I felt like I wasted some time rather than if I had started alone by myself from the beginning, thatís why I kept reviewing it by myself at home at night, and got to sleep until almost 4am.

    I havenít been around sk.net lately; mainly because I donít know what to write about or even knowing what to comment on otherís pages, everybody seems to have a less boring life than me.

     It's never enough    2006-02-15 18:48:22 ET
    Again I was absent for a while, I had some problems with the computer, but finally Iím back, and I decided to have winXp this time (I used to have winMe), yet I which I could learn more about computers to defend myself a bit more, hopefully I have my brother around and he knows enough and aids me in certain stuff.

    Due to the above mentioned I had TWO days without practicing with the violin, I normally always try to study at least one hour daily, but I was so busy fixing the computer and with school, that I didnít have much time for the violin. Now that Iím better with this, Iíll practice hard again because we have a concert on next Sunday, and Iíll be the second violin for Bachís double violin concerto and Vivaldiís concerto for 4 violins. Also Iím excited because some guy showed me a book with many violin pieces and let me take copies of the books.

    I donít know how many people here had their day on valentines but for me it was as usual, nothing I could do about. Anyways, I promise Iíll try to update here more often.

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