The Banshees    2005-07-19 20:08:33 ET
I admit at first I showed a bit skeptical when hearing about the DaVinci Code, I though “oh well another best seller for literary snobs”, but then I saw a documental on National Geographic channel on TV about an interview with Dan Brown (author) and many other specialists, I found it interesting then decided to read the book. I totally changed my mind. I definitely loved that book. I know it has generated a lot of comments of all sorts, and maybe here there aren’t people who like it, I don’t care I loved it. The DaVinci Code is a good book.

On other stuff, I had been months, yes, months without listening any music of these “eras”, that is, I kept listening to pure classical music (Bach, Mozart, etc.), so I decided to listen something more modern. I got Siouxsie & the Banshees’ “Tinderbox”. It’s nice, I really enjoy it, ‘cities in dust’, ‘canons’, '92 degrees' and my favorites ‘Lullaby’ (the reason why I wanted to hear this album) and ‘Umbrella’ that has such a nice atmosphere, it sort of reminds me of music like Orgy and Deadsy; if anyone here knows what I’m talking about and know more music similar to that style please feel free to recommend me more music.

 detaché    2005-07-13 20:15:49 ET
Sometimes the only reason for not posting here is ‘cause I’m tired, aka some sloth to even take the time to know what to write about, oh fuck.

Well, as I said on previous entry, I was composing some music for symphonic orchestra, and I have finished now. I didn’t use a large instrumentation, only flute, oboe, horn, bassoon, timpani and strings. I called it “Baroclassic Overture”, since most of my knowledge in music theory is highly influenced by those eras, baroque and classical; with an adagio fugue/prelude-like as introduction and then the allegro, in D minor at 4/4 with a total length of 7 minutes. I wish I could upload the midi file (or mp3 file as well) somewhere so anyone could hear it and tell me what they think about but I don’t know where. The yahoo “briefcase” only allows to show pictures to public, and I don’t feel like opening accounts in those pages that promote mp3s of their users, I don’t feel I have material enough to claim myself as a composer, this was just something I did, and occasionally do, I do have about 20 midis I have done when I’m bored, but this last one was more of a major work.

Eh, whatever, last Monday I was caught by the teacher with a cheat paper, eh fuck, this is my first time, what a shame, ah fuck it, I don’t care for that obnoxious Administration class, it’s damn horribly boring; only one week more and I’m done.

 writing music    2005-07-03 19:58:12 ET
I saw an announcement of a contest for composing a piece for symphonic orchestra, and that’s what I’ve been doing in the past two weeks, trying to compose something for that, I have until June 15th to deliver my work, so I have a few days left. Mine will sound quite baroque due to my influences and poor knowledge, but whatever.

The vice has started:
Stay up late, about 2 or 3 am got o bed, wake up at 9 am, be like zombie the whole day, sleep a while within the day, stay up late...

 dripping blood    2005-06-25 21:39:15 ET
It's been time -again- without showing up here in a while... I promise I'll be updating more often now that I'm on vacations.

I don't feel enough strength right now to describe much things, only thing I can say is that lately things were starting look not just goob but actually nice, ...and today, I realized, again, I'm wasting space and time for other, I'll explain later, when I have the strength to; for now, I truly don't have any inconvenient if I died right now.

 a little piece of glory    2005-06-15 20:12:47 ET
Finally I'm done with exams, and the good news is that I passed the class I previously said I was in danger to flunk, that really made my day today, really, I was already accepting that I flunked and all, and then the professor said "guys you were really bad, no one passed but one, this guy" and showed the exam, it was mine's, my eyes almost popped out, fuck I couldn't believe it, I passed. Fucking amazing, damn, studying at 1am gave results after all. I'm glad.
Now I can relax again and play violin for the upcoming concert in next weekend. Some Beethoven, Schubert adn Mozart. Kick ass, it'll great, or at least I hope so.
I'm tired, I must sleeo now.

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