email conspiracies?    2005-04-23 21:24:03 ET
Is it just me? or I have the theory that those bastards that send you junk email, as advertising and spam email and they say you ďsomehowĒ were subscribed to them, and then ask ďif you want to be removed from their database click hereĒ and the you type you email to be unsubscribed, and the only thing they really do is to subscribe you to more load of shit of spam an ads. Maybe Iím just being paranoid.

 smashed avocado    2005-04-20 19:39:30 ET
I flunked another exam, fuck. By a very small detail I didnít pass. A lot of suffering for the lab practices just so I flunked the exam. Crap.
Yeh, you all have heard of the new pope, needless to say more about it. blahgÖ
Damn violin pseudo teacher, why in name of fuck does he want me to keep practicing some left-pizzicato studies? Thatís shit for only professional or conservatoire students, I canít play that stuff, itís damn too hard. Whatever, Iíll keep practicing Vivaldi, Bach and some Mozart of my own.
Ah... fuck, either in school or in the music ambient, I donít seem to have much in common with many people.

 woes    2005-04-17 20:15:50 ET
Iím depressed right now. I feel a little psycho too. Iím not something good for anyone or anything.

Itís been long since didnít post any thing here, I was very damn busy last week, some crappy shit from school and another low feelings with music. I also even tried drawing again but didnít get much results, Iím decaying almost in everything. Iím a total failure as a social individual, but I pretend to be ok when Iím actually dying inside. Fuck it. Iím just a fucking failure at everything. I canít do anything well.
Iím tired, I need to sleep.

 Sleeplees    2005-04-04 21:52:06 ET
I tried to go to sleep at 11:40 pm. ...bad idea. I was about one hour in bed without any sleep. Itís so frustrating; you start thinking of the weirdest shit, the usual, of how Iím such an ass and loser.
Tomorrow classes start again. I have this sense of guilt, I said I was going to at least read something of the books so I wouldnít lose much of the subjects seen, and I didnít. Crap, itís just that sometimes I find more entertaining composing canons, fugues and other counterpointal exercises for my own musical amusing. Unless it was strictly mathematical issues of school, then Iíd be delight of reading and solving shit. I guess I still donít find all the fun on transistors and diodes and shit; I will eventually have to like it more.
Oh yeah, so Iíve been too much time trapped in home, Iím such a social fuck. Weíll see how thing go tomorrow... or I mean today, in a few hours more.
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 Midnights    2005-04-01 18:42:23 ET
I have been having really weird thoughts lately, some strange stuff. Sometimes Iíve started to imagine that Iím talking to an imaginary friend, then, sometimes (for a few seconds) I feel like I if I really had talked some stuff with someone, but then I remember, Ďoh, no I was just imaging ití. Heh, I guess that for the fact that I can recognize I was just fantasying talking to someone Iím still sane.

Two nights ago, also, something strange happened, I had been listening too much music, writing music, thinking of random stuff, watching videos, etc, and finally when I turned of the computer I felt the need of knowing my age and I couldnít remember it! Ha, seriously, for just about 5 seconds I wasnít sure of my age! So I just recalled the year I was born and finally remembered. Heh, what a fuck?
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