2003-02-08 18:22:57 ET

ok, whatever....

2003-02-07 18:45:55 ET

bleh bleh bleh.
Lets seeee, the museum was fun...the lady who gave us the tour was REALLY boring...but we still
got to see tons of neato stuff.
Work sucks...same ol same ol crapola.
I didn t go to Fusion on sunday...peter talked me out of it at the last min.
I did get to Wed night. I got a bit drunk...danced sloppy-like and even got to DJ for a bit.
I have never touched a board before in my was weird and I was super self-conciuos....but I was really
just having fun...i guess the usuall DJs liked what the heard...or at least they heard some possible potential.
Heh, that made me happy....Peter nick named me DJ Trainwreck.....he meant it as a joke(some of my transitions
sopunded like a trainwreck) but everyone liked it. So unless anyone on here thinks its really should
totally let me know. So I might try it out....I have a REALLY busy schedule this week...well I close four nights
this week....I m only supposed to close two...guess I got screwed. Fri and sat...:(
Went to Corner Coffee and met up withsomeone that wanted to learn more about hair stuff...did a little bit of educatin.
Before that i cut Peters more Devil lock...yep thats right. After having it for 7yrs it go bye bye...heh. Now
it looks more like a Rivet-head hair-do...mmmm I still like it.
Well that it for now. i start my ceramics class tommorow so I have to go to bed early.

oh and If you were a DJ what songs would you play?
I need something dif....and def stompable

Pictures from our trip
2003-02-02 05:56:11 ET


2003-02-01 06:34:23 ET

I signed up for saturday classes at herron! When I got there the place was FILLED. I
thought for sure my class would be filled. I was also afraid that I was going to be
stuck with a bunch of yuppy scum or even a bunch of kids. It seemed like a nice mix
of people, young and old. My teacher is totally cool(cute), and guess what I m
taking............beginning handbuilding!
I don t get any college credit, but who cares! I am doing something!
I get to make little pots and maybe a fish....I useually always make fish...even when I draw. YEA!
I called my mom and she sounded really happy...I was sooo happy I cried.

Last night I had to take Peter to wishard. He was having a really
bad asthma attack. They got him in realy quick, but took forever
to let him go. He mentioned to them that he had quit
smoking(he quit a over a year and a half ago and then
took it back up for three months) about six months ago. When he said
that the doctor said..."Thats your bidy saying Thank You!" I almost
yelled: "DORK!" but I quickly caught was pretty dorky.
I guess the respitory nurse didn t like ex-smokers cause
she was mean to my Pookie. I was parking the car or I would have
totally been like....."step up bitch!" He got better, and we got a
pre. for a real inhaler. I got noooo sleep and now he is out playing
paintball with Nate. Thanks Wishard.

Hows this for mopy goth?
2003-01-30 11:24:39 ET

I m going to go drink cheap blackberry merlot and take a bath while candles burn.
ooooh, heh. I m not goth.

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