2003-02-20 19:01:55 ET

Pics of my new hair...new shirt....and new pants(if you can see em...I didn t look)

I paid $2.40 sum cents for the shirt...pants were free!
heh, i m so thrifty

2003-02-19 21:45:20 ET

What i did today:

got done wiht work.
went home.
put on make up and boots.
hooked up with niki, jason, kelly and doug.
ate food.
went to emerson
flip off band during entire set.
told band I hated them.
flipped off jimmy urine.
called him a muther fucking bastard.
continued the flipping of the offing.
went out side.
threw up.
went back inside.
saw Urine signing things.
Gave him the finger and told him that I hated him and that he was a bastard.
He reached out.
I of couse took his hand(in what I thought was a very meaningful...heh) hand shake.
found niki.
talked niki into driving to FUSION.
DJ d at the club...Whoot!.
threw up some more.
felt hella good better.
went home.
attacked Peter with som kitty kisses(bites).
chad and mandy were there.
ate chicken.
tipped over chair while biting koneko.
ok, not complete...still need to touch Peter Steele.
thanks niki!

2003-02-18 05:19:48 ET

bleh, people keep yelling at me cause I wanted all this
snow....I still like it too!
On the way home from work on Sunday I almost died...or at least I should have killed some one. Since vertyone on the highway was going 35 mph I was too. After crossing over 70 and the whole jumbled mess of highways and streets I ended up stuck in the fastlane. I couldn t get over cause there were cars all in the next lane. I couldn t speed up cause
everytime I trie my car would slip around a bunch. Well
this semi ended up behind me. For about 4miles he kept riding my ass and flicking his lights. I had NO WHERE to
go. What the hell was I supposed to do? So I trie dmy best to speed up. Well I started getting closer to my exit
on the otgher side of the three lanes so I went as fast as
my little car cpould go in the really deep slushy snow.
As I start to pass the car next to me, the semi starts honking
his horn at me!!!! I was soooooo pissed and a complete wreck.
Before I was even in the next lane he sped up and was gone.
I didn t even get a chance to get the number on his truck.
Next ttime, I m going to stop on the high way and just throw
my hands up in the air at him...them we ll see what he has
to say. I really hope he jackedknifed that thing later....or even died...what a jerk

2003-02-15 07:02:01 ET

I just got back from my class. it was actually canceled, but since I showed up
they let me work. We drank really good coffee and just worked. It was really nice.
There are two classes that share the same room. Wheel throwing and hand building(my class)
and both teachers were there. No one talked much, but thats kinda how I like it.
All of us kinda just communed together in one room and got dirty. We did talk a little
bit. My teacher, Casey, told me he had a snake. A 7ft boa. He said he gets tired
of feeding it rats all the time and that he would like to try feeding it "other" things.
Like kittens.....I know that sounds horrible, but I don t think he meant it in a cruel
way. I still told him he was a sick bastard!
Both guys are just art students, working there way thru college at restaurants and
selling some of their stuff. I thought that was pretty cool.
So thats it then. I m home now and I have to go to work soon....
oh and I forgot about yesterday....I am now boycotting Victoria s Secrets.
They have this really awesome "vintage" lingere line right now....They need to learn to
carry larger sizes. I tried on several of them and they were all too small. I asked the
three pleasantly plump grrls working if they carried one size larger(an XL)...they of
course did not. I would hate working in place that didn t even carry my own size.


this is what i wrote in other places
2003-02-11 19:35:31 ET

this just sums up a fraction of what I thought and felt.
What a crazy night I had sunday....
Peter and I had indulged in some psilocybe cubensis.
It was neat. We went to Fusion and he just watched the room
breath...I couldn t stop talking, but I still had my head about
me. It was the second night they had the "chill room" up and
running...how perfect for us. We spent the whole night in there.
The beginning of the night was REALLY nice but then the room started
filling up and getting quite louder. Thats when I really didn t like
it. It was really difficult when my stomach kept hurting and then
the feeling would overwelm my whole body....but it was still good.
I REALLY wanted to dance. I have not been able to just dance the
night away yet....I get about a few dances in and then everything
is over. So I thought I would brave the loud dance floor and go
for it. It was horrible. I really felt the music but I couldn t
catch the vibe. I felt like everyone was watching me(but people
always watch the dance floor) and my mind was racing a hundred miles
per hour. The chill room was felt very uncontrolled and we needed to
leave....so we went home and I laid in bed for two hours and then
that was it. It s the second time I ve ever taken mushrooms.....they are sooo awesome. I didn t take as
many as Peter did....so that means no halutionations. But it was mind expanding. My mind
raced and raced. If you haven t done them you should....It would really drive you crazy.
Not to mention, I can t imagine the stuff you might write or even draw while on them.
Everything feels soooo different. I can t even explain it. I just remember trying to dance
and feeling like a complete fool. When I was sitting in the dark room, I felt like everyone
was intruding. Taking up space and SOOOO loud. The music was soooo soothing too. I can t
explain all the feelings I felt. I also could not stop talking. I was like a water facet
that you can t shut off.
Last time I did mushrooms, my friends skeleton figure danced...only she didn t dance...her
shadow did. Merowr....I wan t mooooore. ~falls over~ So if you haven t tried it you should!

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