2003-01-30 09:41:37 ET

This is why people bookmark things....mmmmmm...the galaxies make me hungy.
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2003-01-28 05:34:33 ET

I really wish I could dance. I wanna get silly drunk and dance.
Like mad, I wish I could have all my friends dance with me.
I wanna dance until I fall over. I wanna just hear the loud
music and forget all my woes.

I m sad
2003-01-28 05:10:01 ET

I feel weird. I m sitting here wanting to pour my heart out to this humming machine, but I just cant seem to do it.
I feel weird. Like something is really wrong. I have to
work tonight and just the thought of it makes me want to
cry. I am lonely. I think maybe the winter blues has
gotten to me. ~cries~ I don t want to do anything. I don t
even want to play any games. I m tired of games. I m tired
of arguing. I know I love you, but why am I sooo tired.
Why do I feel like this. Always questions, but never an
answer. I think the blues are getting to everyone here. I
read that everyone is sad, is lonely and upset. I too feel
this way.
I wanna go out and dance......

2003-01-25 09:30:10 ET

I am addicted.
Peter and I somehow fucked the game up though...I don t
know if we hit a bad patch or something(I have no idea about computers)
I tried playing Hot Date, but when I went downtown it all
started messing up.
Also I wanna make my own skins...don t know how to find that
I usually hate games...cause I SUCK at them, but this one is
Okay I need to go get ready for work.

Can you give cats shaken baby syndrome?
2003-01-21 10:40:52 ET

I went to the city county.court building thingy today.
I stood in line with all the other losers talking about loser like things.
I went thru the metal detector thingy as my army suplus jacket, wallet,
checkbook, and keys went thru their own little thingy.
As I started to go on my way I thought I heard the people behind me
exclaim that they were rather suprised i didn t
set it off. Uhhhh sorry buy a few pieces
of metal ar not going to set the thing off. Maybe I should have
brought my glock along and then pulled it out and
shot them....ok not really....there were waaay to many cops around.
I then went up to the 3rd floor, then the second, then the forth
and that when I decided I had NO idea where I was going.
So I went back down to the 1st floor asked info and went up
to the 6th floor....heh. I go the direction the info cop
gave me and realized he told me the wrong direction, so I
turned around and found the office I was in 5 months ago.
Now this is the room they told me to go to....at the time
I asked if this was right and they said yes. The lady at
the desk said I need to go see the cashier clerk...Eeeehghheghh!
okay so I go there and the tell me to go BACK and ask for the clerk that is in charge of court room 99.
So I go back and she comes and takes care of it and then I m on my merry way.
I did all this cause I bailed my brother out of jail..way back when. He has gone thru all his trials and is now
doing community service along with some probationary stuffs.
I have to wait for an approval from the Judge, the cleck lady s boss, and for 10-14 busines days. ~falls over~
The highlight of the day would be all the GUYS with their cute pants tucked into their cute combat boots...huh huh.

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