2002-12-22 22:47:53 ET

just got back from Fusion...
good drunk time with Huskarl
and then ate at mean ol steak and shake.
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2002-12-22 16:02:56 ET

I won a few items on ebay!
I m looking forward to some very fluffy dreads of happy
poofy goodness.


and I also got some black TOO!!!!

2002-12-22 01:47:17 ET

En nou ben ik helemaal over mijn slaap heen.


2002-12-21 19:14:02 ET

Funny Stuff!
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Lots of Pics from My trip!
2002-12-21 19:06:16 ET

This is me, in the back seat of my sisters car, on the way to Philadelphia

There was this sex shop called Condom Kingdom...I didn t have time to go in, BUT I did
have time to get a quick photo!

We visited Elfreth's Alley, it is the single oldest residential street in America.
It a tourist attartion and there are still people that live in them. This one was
for sale....I bet it was like a Kazillion dollars.

This is me scraping my boot on someones boot scraper. heh

The guys from the MTV show JACKASS are from West Chester. This in a church on West Chester
University campus. They filmed the stoopid heads bicycle jousting RIGHT HERE. COOOOOOOL!

This is my sister and me after she graduated. YEA!

This is an Amish...uh...wagon thingy...it was way smaller than anything I had ever seen.

My dad and I made a side trip to HERSHEY, PA. I was told the whole town smelled like
chocolate. THOSE ARE ALL LIES!!! I smelled NO chocolate. Hrmmmph

Huh huh cocoa avenue......

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