2002-11-27 20:06:40 ET

What the HELL is wrong with my ICON!?!?!?!?!

~shakes fist at screen~
Damn YOU SYKO!!!!
or moxie....

2002-11-27 20:03:29 ET

Soooo here I am. I dont know what I am doing....
Whooo it feels realy weird in here. Music is quiet.
Slow, a bit remissed...

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This was my Weekend!
2002-11-26 12:41:51 ET

Went to Chicago. Jason, Kelly, Doug, Cynthia and I left aroound 730ish we had a nice quiet
drive and made it to Doug s brother(Nick)s house safe and sound. I had never met Nick
before so I had no idea what to expect. As we walked up the stairs and into his hallway
I could hear loud music and someone kinda bellowing through the cracked door.
We walk in and Nick is singing at the top of his lungs, I am the Pirate King. This went
on for about 5 mins before the song ended and everyone made their greetings. We
then planned on going out to the local Goth/Industrial club NEO. Kelly and I got all
prettied in my multi colored green and blue and black dreads. Since Kelly
hadn t brought anything to dressup in that night, she borrowed my black skirt and
red mesh shirt. We then all piled into Dougs car. Including Nick and his friend Peter.
That means all 7. We drove and since I wanted to drink and dance Cynthia and I went
imediately to the bar. I ordered first a Ameretto Sour and then two shots of Tekillya,heh.
The beginning of the night started quiet with goth music but then I had a few more drinks.
I hadn t realized drinks were going to be bought for me so I also ended up drinking a
screwdriver and two(one) gin and tonics. Doug helped me with those. The dance floor
was dominated by men including all the guys that were with us. By this time Nick had
requested some great songs. NIN and KMFDM. Cynthia if you can remember what all they
played, comment on here.
I stopped several time to try to get Kelly to come out there with us. She refused. By the
last time I stopped dancing the alchohol hit hard. I went out side to cool off and sat in the alley.
Kelly and Jason followed. It was sooo cold, but felt so nice.
I really needed to throw up. We went into the bathroom, I wretched and then sat down for
a bit, wretched some more...thats when some grrl asked me if I was sick or drunk...I told
her "A little of both." Security came in not two minutes later and told me I had to leave.
We went outside to wait on the rest of our crew and Nick came stumbling out..."oh, you guys
ready to go?" Jason: "No, we got kicked out. Nick:"WE GOT KICKED OUT!?!?!"
Jason: "Aynie threw up." Nick: "Whoa! I ve never been kicked out of NEO before!!!!"
"That rocks!!!! and it wasn t my fault!" Heh, I felt like an idiot, I really don t like putting my
friends through the stupid drunk person thing but they didn t mind. It was 330ish by that time.
We pulled over once cause I thought i was going to get sick, but I didn t. We made it home
and I made myself throw up one more time for good measure. Then as I was doing that
Cynthia threw up on me. I changed then went to the couch and slept. Everyone else then
went to thses all night greasy diner. I had heard later on they all ordered a side of pancakes
with their food...ewww.

I woke up at 830, drank a ton of water. Nick awoke briefly and laughed at me. Forced myself
back to sleep. I then woke up at 1230 and told everyone to get up. We played GTA3 as we
each took turns getting ready. We took the "L" to get food. Shopped and stuff.
Kelly really wanted to take me to Medusa s Circle so we went there and I bought some
REALLY bad ass green eye shadow for $5. I wanted more but I had spent most my money
on foods. I also bought Peter a really bad ass silver skull and cross bones pin.
This entry is really really really long. I hope you ve made it this far....
We then went home. I was tired of wearing my platforms and a skirt so I washed my pants from
the day before and wore them instead. Kelly and I bought some more fake hair on the way back
from the station so instead of wearing my red dreads as planned I mixed my dreads mentioned
above wih some Z Z braids.
We went to the show. ----ROCKED!!! The singer was sooo cute and bouncy.
I was sooo tired from the night before I slept in the bathroom upstairs during the band change and
thru Thrill Kill s first few songs. After that I went back down stairs and tried to get into the show.
By the time they encored(which was totally planned) I was upbeat and jumping but ready to go.
I think they played like ten songs for the encore...okay maybe more like 5ish.
and that was it. We came home and yea...I m back. I had a FEEKING blast and Peter promised
he would go up there with me again...YEA!

Current Mood: WHOOOOO!!!
Current Music: Ween-Blackjack

Thrill Kill Kult!!!
2002-11-21 18:35:07 ET

I bought the ticket today.
Leaving tommorow for Chicago.
Seeing them saturday!!!

My trip
2002-11-18 07:15:29 ET

Everything is coming together for my trip to West chester/Philly.
My mom is flying and my dad and I are driving...this is
going to be weird. I haven t been on a long trip with
my myself since I was 10. He took me to stay
with my grandmother for a week. Come to think of it...I
don t know why they took me there...thats weird...
Mystery. I wish Peter could come...I want him there sooo
bad. I hate leaving him and Morrey and Koneko.

My uncle is letting us borrow his cadillac, but I m not allowed to drive it. That pisses me off. I m 23 years old. I haven t been in an accident since I was 17. I m a freeking adult and he can t trust me to drive. Granted its
a brand new car....but isn t that what insurance is for?
That means I have like, one maybe two days to figure out how
to use the bus system, if I want to go out...that is if
there is one in West Chester...or I ll have to go with my
Oh well, maybe I ll just dress as freaky as possible and go
to New york and philly with my family and maybe even china
town. heh, that could be fun...
On another note. Peter gave me some reeses pieces last
night....I am going to eat them now.

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