2002-11-05 18:33:13 ET

what is going on here?
It keeps raining and stuff.
I feel like my head has been
in a few different places the last
few days. I m sick.

2002-11-01 08:41:38 ET

I love Miz Zayn

I failed ALL foreign languages

I m still alive!
2002-11-01 07:42:38 ET

Your all wondering why I would be dead?
cause I actually drank last night. I stopped
drinking really...I missed it.

So I went to see Rasputina in Bloomington, IN last night.
They were great!...from what I could hear. As far as I
know, it could have been three men playing on stage.
It was a very small venue...a litle too intimate. I did
stand on a chair for a min. I think I saw two of the grrls,
I couldn t find the third one.
Anyways last night PeterGraves and I celebrated our one year
together. We went to Outback. Sorry not many cool restaurants
here in INDY. But it was good. I had two drinks a margarita
and some stupid named frozen peach drink. When we got to
the show, Nike and Trina(some friends) had vodka and hawaian punch in some
taco bell cups. Mmmmm, we were at an all ages show. No alcohol, but I had plenty. heheh...
We were supposed to go ghost hunting afterwards but Peter
didn t want to. He said I was too wasted...I think that
was bullshit. He just didn t want to go. That means I
didn t get to stay out as late as I wanted. Dang-it!
He also didn t bring his camera, which means no photos...but
my friend Chad has some...hmmmmm...
I guess Peter was afraid something was going to happen to it.
Too bad he just stood around the whole time.
Any ways I still love him, crazy fool!

I met my friends, Jamie(my neighbor) and Justin, on Halloween last year..thats pretty bad-ass. Celebrated that

2002-10-31 06:15:22 ET

I helped a friend make herself some dreads the other day.
I thought they turned out great. A couple of grrls on the hair board say they looked good lumpy...thanks. :|

For work on Sunday we all got to dress up...I decided I wanted to be Rob Zombie. I didn t get any digital photos
of the costume but I took some of my hair AFTER I went out that night.

Living Dead Zombie Grrl:

When they were all down in my face with a the top hat on...they looked great!

2002-10-22 20:20:40 ET

Here are a few photos that I took for Rachael Rhodes.
These are going on her website...ugh.

This is the back of the plaid corset. SO BADASS!!!

Everyone, GO BUY HER STUFF!!!

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