Anyone in PA?
2002-10-21 09:16:07 ET

So I am going to go see my sister graduate college.
I will be in Pennsylvania from the 14-16.
While there I want to check out the Mutter awesome! its a medical museum and it is filled with the skellytons of freeks! My favorite skellyton is the one of
a fetus of conformed twins that shared one skull,Craniopagus.
I want one!

I love this kind of stuff. It so educational...HEY! I like stuff like that ok. Anyways, they have things like cross sections of human bodies, brains and then medical examples of parts of the body peeled back to expose each idividual pieces of a persons abdomen. Damn thats great. oh one more exibit I wanna see is the one that they did of a nervous system. They painstakeningly removed all the brain and the nerves from someone. heheh. yes.
Anyways. I don t quite know where I am going to be in PA yet. I hope to check out the scene at least once or twice.

Check out my new gallery!
2002-10-20 22:48:42 ET

I went to work today as EmO SCUM!!!
We all get excited about halloween and
start competing with costumes.

I was told I really looked like a punk grrl
that murdered an EmO SCUM kid and then took
his clothes...heheh...don t bother asking
where I even got the clothes...I wont tell.

I then went to Fusion...I felt odd...a few wanted to stomp me.

2002-10-20 06:26:53 ET

So I am just obsessed with hair...if you haven t noticed.
Every once in awhile I go and check out the Hair EZBoard:
Sometimes it is great, but other times it just sucks.
I check out the show off section to see if I can get any new ideas.
Well one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when I see this:
She says: "once again i have to marvel at how hard it is to take decent pictures of your own hair"
All I have to say is: "well you seem to be a bit preoccupied with trying to get a good picture of your face...maybe thats your problem."
If your trying to take photos of your hair, your face DOESN T have to be in it. TURN AROUND!

Holy God!
2002-10-18 21:36:25 ET

Um go check out the Stars Wars ones...

2002-10-18 15:30:58 ET

Just dropped Peter off at work. I had a bit of a panic attack on the way home.
I am so afraid he is going to lose his job or that something else horrible might
happen. For those of you who don t know whats going on I shall relay it here:

Rose was one of Peters best friends...for about 5 least(I don t know).
Rose and Peter got in an argument at work. He basically confronted her on the fact that
she has been lieing about certain things at work so he would do them for her. She
made him walk home. They never talked since(about a month now). He has since found
out that Rose, Tammy(the paper lady) and Gary(shift supervisor) have been abusing
the company and getting extra vacation hours. Rose has also been payed for days that
she worked, yet that she actually did not work. He basiacally knew than that he needed
to go talk to HR. He was at work last week and Gary said something to him along the line
that Rose and Tammy felt he(Peter) was conspiring to get them fired. He knew then that he
to do something. He took and emergency vacation and has just gone back tonight to work.
He told me that he got an e-mail from HR telling him that he has a meeting with Gary.
A little further into the story. He has caught the paper lady tampering with his paper
work to make it look as if he has been sloppy.
My delema: If Tammy and Gary want to get Peter fired they could do it easily...and who
would also be conspiring with them, Rose. Thats my problem. She would do it. She doesn t
care about anyone but herself. If she did care she would see that she is not only getting
"EVEN" with Peter, but me too. I can t support us on my own. She not only would it be
hurting Pete, but Me and Morrey and Koneko.
So as I m driving home thinking about all this I just lost it. Started crying like a mad
person. I just can t believe how SELFISH!!! she is.
That is all.

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