Nostril update:
2002-10-05 07:33:06 ET

DOOd, It hurts.
Okay only if you touch them. Lets just say I m glad I
didn t get me nips done.
Oh and why do I look like a total goomba in that first
I guess thats why I posted it..okay that is why I posted it.
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2002-10-04 23:41:51 ET

Well Niki told me about this place that was opening here in Indy.
As a promo they offered free piercings if you bought the jewelry.
She came by work today and really wanted me to come and even offered
to loan me the money for the stuff.~HUGS!~
Anyways I couldn t decide what I wanted to get done at first, but then
I went ahead and got both my nostrils done! Yea! I really don t feel like
relaying the whole story but here are some photos.

Me Before! I m so happy...or something

Niki waiting for help.

Niki...just waiting...

The guy that took photos...I don t know his name :(





The place was quite busy and we had to wait a just little bit(3 hours),
but the guys were totally stoked about having to do something else other
than a tongue or a navel. After I was done the piercer made us sit back
on the couch and then flip him off while he took a photo. "Look mean and stuff!"
Heheh it was rather funny.

Love and Kisses

2002-09-26 21:39:55 ET

So I had a wonderful birthday!!! Kelly came up from Bloomington on Sat and took me to
KABUTO s. It s a Japanese Steakhouse and Hibachi grill. It was really FUN!!!
The chef sprinkled me with salt, hit me in the face with egg, almost took my bangs
off with a giant fireball, made a volcano out of stacked onions and then pushed it around the
grill like a train while going "choo choo!". He also got me with the fake "sauce" We laughed
and laughed and laughed. It was way fun. Then he cooked our food, kept makin fun of me
cause I had a lot of food. All I ordered was the shrimp yakisoba, but I think he brought out
enough for two. Thats ok Peter and I ate it the day after next....Then on Sunday I made myself
some tomato and alfredo pasta w/ chicken and then Grace(peters sister) and Jason(her boi)
came over and gave me a bag of goodies. A squirting Stitch and some glitter Crayons and
a little bookie thing and...some other GREAT stuff. Kelly also bought me some legwarmers.
I forgot about those. She also brought me up some socks and litttle skull things for my
car head rests. My mom called and so did my sister. She had already given me my presents
when she was here last. Some "Women" books and some Batz-Maru stickers. My mom
also got me a little jingle bracelet. We then got ready for Cake and Fusion.
I spent the day making myself this little camo skirt made out of old BDUs, so I wore that
and then we went to the Claudaugh and had crappy cake. Next time I m going to go to
English Ivy s cause they have this KILLER death by design chocolate goodie goodness pie.
At Fusion I was wished a happy birthday by the dj...DJ WICKED GOTH!!!! he is so damn spooky.
I saw Amanda, her birthday was the day before mine...
Then my dad called me the next day, monday, when they called the first time I was asleep
and then I called back later and he was gone so I didn t get to hear from him. Thats ok he dug
up my work number and sang happy birthday in this cute little dad/song way. I almost cried.
It was sweet. I got tons of birthday wishes and I think this was the best birthday(in a long time)
a grrl like me could have asked for....uh~that is all!


Hey all...
2002-09-26 07:01:08 ET

Whatcha doin?

Sorry I havent been on really lately.
I havent posted on anyones stuff either.
I sorry. I guess I just havent felt the
patience to write down my thoughts...even
though I m doing it now. I had a great birthday.
I ll write about that tonight...or at least I ll
try. Peter, dearest. Don t address my problems
two weeks after the fact. I m really happy you
actually responded to my entries, but I m no longer
mad about it now. Unless you want me to be...

Holy tree branches Batman!!!
2002-09-20 12:46:29 ET

The mall was attacked!
by a tornado.
The YMCA is heavily damaged and so is the Galyans near by.
The old Pier One building was completely destroyed!
Martinsville is totally bunked up also.
No word from my parents or Peter s car.
Phone lines are down.

some apartment behind galyans

So then, everyone is invited to come hang out with me on my birthday.
That means...EVERYONE!!!!!
I will be going out for chocolate cake between 8-9 at Claudaughs(sp)
and to FUSION!!!!
So please come!
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!!!
at least come to Fusion if you can!!!
I beg of you, please!

I was checking out my friends list and found someone had added me.
So like normal I went to check them out.
I click and it comes up Kevin s Livejournal.
I look at the picture/icon thingy and go:


It s my big brother!!!!

Go Here:Obiwanjp

For those of you who don t know.
He lives in Japan with his two daughters, Stephanie and Helen, and his
wife, Ayako. He left back in 1989 to join the navy and has been back
to visit (I think)three times. He was a skater...and I always thought
he was way cool. Yea!

I already received some birthday presents.
A Budda from my Mom, she gave it to me about 2 weeks ago.
A purse from a co-worker. Isn t that the sweetest.

Um I took some photos.



I had to take really good photos of my bangs cause I said I would.
I know, I know. It was a really big deal to me. I HATE bangs but
I really liked the way they look when I have my exentions in. I
wanted to do some really awesome wrapped dreads but I needed help.
I really don t know anyone who could have helped...anyways I m rambling.

Before I went out in the rain.

After the rain

After the tornado

Proof that a curly headed grrl can go out in the rain and her bangs will be OK!
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