2002-10-18 05:47:01 ET

Went and saw Android Lust last night. THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

So then...Shikhee, she was the cutest little thing...maybe 4foot8. She has
such a powerful voice. Argh! They were so GOOD and so very friendly. I also
got to meet Christopher Jon, but not TrevorG. Today...I m going into work and
telling the people at corporate to get the CD in. Mmmmmmm so good. Maybe
soon they will have photos up of their fans....

EVERYONE GO CHECK THEM OUT!!! http://www.androidlust.com/

Good (local)review of the show: http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?journal=djspectre&itemid=23745

2002-10-16 09:54:29 ET



2002-10-12 08:11:00 ET

I m going out to get my ink tonight...in just a few hours that is. YEA!
Peter also posted pictures on the last entry of my friend.
They are totally badass! Go look if you haven t already.
He seems to be doing good. He came over again last night.
I went to see Dope thursday night. I haven t seen a big name group play in awhile. So I had to go check them out.
I went with Niki. We were broke and were going to try and
sneak in...ya know cause who pays to see Dope? Well we really couldn t find a way in so we asked the ticket lady if
she would let us in for half price(Niki had 8 dollars). She
said OK! So we saw them and I jumped a little to them.
Its SOOOO weird cause everytime I show up at The Emerson(all ages club).
I get the strange looks and comments. "Hey! Your that grrl that works at --------!" I always come up with the greatest come back. "UH...ya...?" It weirds me out! It s
like Im a figgin star or something. I just play it coool~...JK.
Anyways, I got photos, just cause thats what I like to do and I felt like such a fuckin groupie-like dumbass. The drummer flipped me off and I can t figure out if I pissed him off or if he was just trying to be funny...anyways I felt like a dum dum hed.
Bye, Pics To Come Later!!!
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2002-10-08 11:01:34 ET

Peter(Graves) and I, found out last night that a friend(Justin) of ours tried to commit suicide.
He was released from the hospital and is ok.

see more here
2002-10-05 10:55:38 ET


I m such a goomba, I just love my new stuff.

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