2002-09-02 18:45:16 ET

I made a new backgrounds and stuff...
I reallllly like them~
If anyone whould like me to make some for
them let me know.

1 comment

2002-09-02 10:07:19 ET

Thank you, I was really
looking for some new bands...I think I found
a few...
I will definately do this again and I do have a
few more ideas for games..or maybe if you could
list 3 ideas...ok JUST KIDDING!!!
Umm...I had to cut it off. it was just a bit
crazy there for a minute. At first I was like
ooooh syko posted some already and then a few more
people and then I go to work and then come home...
HOLY CRAP!!! 80 comments and then 117 and thats
where I decided to post a few of my own and then cut it
off. Charlie Brown slipped one more in there on me.
So then thanks again everyone!

Lets play a little game.
2002-09-01 07:03:21 ET

Okay, I want everyone to name 6 bands or singers
they listen to. Catch is you can t name anyone that someone
else has already named.

2002-09-01 07:00:43 ET

Yea! I m going to Fusion tonight! !
I designed my self a new outfit.
Its made of muslin wrapped around me like
bandages. I also have this belt that I sewed
two clear vinyl bum flaps on. YEA! BUTTFLAPS!!!
Pictures to come, along with the ones of my bangs. So then it looks kinda like a cyber mummy grrl look...
It will be my first step in self binding. I am going to
work my way up from this, to one day, doing rope binding.
I m actuallly wanting to do a more traditional
rope binding. That was the only link I could find for now.
So then here we go!

2002-08-30 08:28:04 ET

Friday August 30th
not an After Dark production.

Radio Radio 1119 E. Prospect Indianapolis, In

NIMBUS URN ROGUE ANGEL 7 (from Detroit) Doors 9pm/$5 21+ to enter

NIMBUS, Indianapolis' finest, has been making major strides this past year with the support of their "Threshold" CD. Having already appeared in major events such as Diva Destruction and Slick Idiot, they are hosting a landmark event with their good friends from the north. Industrial rock that is putting Indianapolis on the forefront of the national music scene.

URN, relentless touring band from Chicago, are in support of their "Consecrated Ashes" mini-album and will be making their last scheduled Indianapolis appearance for 2002. URN has traveled the region with acts such as Gossamer, The Babylonian Tiles, Neurepublik and have made special appearances with national acts such as Bozo Porno Circus and Seraphim Shock. Darkened metal band that demonstrates excellence in the fine art of applying foot to ass.

ROGUE ANGEL 7, Detroit's hometown cult-heroes, make their Indianapolis debut with their "Shut up and Listen to the Silence" LP. Fantastic Industial rock band that will do it to you in your earhole.

I will be here. /\

Sunday September 1st

The Inferno Starts at Club Fusion! Located in the heart of Indianapolis 605 E Market St. $2 well drinks and $2 select domestics. Doors open @ 9:00. You must be 21 + to enter. $3 cover. Gothic/Industrial/ New Wave dance night. Come Dance the night away this Labor day weekend!

I don t know if I will be coming to this. I might stay at home. You all know why.

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