Why the FUCK!!! did I move out here!?!
2002-08-29 19:20:25 ET

I won t be able to meet all my bills this week.
I have to get my car s plates renewed, dog food, elec.,
phone, rent. My entire check. Morrey is way past on
her shots. If she gets sick from another dog than thats
it for her. Living in this part of town its important it
is really a neccesity.
Any ways I m just upset and so I m just using this space
to vent on.
I can t believe I ever moved downtown. I can t afford it.
I just had to move out of my parents. It was just too hard
living there. This isn t as hard, but it has its dissadvantages.

I had this really badass outfit planned for the show this
Sunday. Made of just bandages and shit. :( I really shouldn t even go.

I thought I was broke last week. DAMNIT!!!
I think I m going to go listen to some Tom Waits.
I really haven t listened to him much since last winter.
I miss listening to him in Peter s car. :(

2002-08-28 21:42:09 ET

Good morning every body!
I finall got done with my extentions.
While at work today one of the managers(which I hate)
commented on my hair. "Oh look! I t looks like My
Little Pony hair!"
No it wasn t a compliment. She was trying make it
sound like one but it was meant as an insult. I
may sound paranoid, but I work with this girl everyday
and I know how she works. Well that is she doesn t.
Oh and she had the gall to try and switch me hours
cause she was sick...she has a cold. :| Who the hell
can t work retail with a cold? ITS A COLD!!! Fucking
blow your nose and take some damn pills and GET OUT OF
MY FACE!!! I am not going to go any further with this.

2002-08-27 08:10:02 ET

I don t remember. I think it involved work.


My friends(and dog),Chad Morrey John and I went to the woods!
We packed up a little bit of food and water and some other
supplies to juant out and build a fire and enjoy the woods as
the sun set. John made us this kick ass food and we ate it
all. We wrapped it up in these little packets of tin foil and cooked
it in a fire! OOOH~

This is chad charging up his flashlight
He is a bit of a nerd. It has a mini generater on it.

Meanwhile Morrey dug us some nice holes...I really don t know why?

Then we came home.

Huskarl, stopped in from St Louis for a visit. He came over and gave me a ride to the show on his bike. I was scared for like the first few seconds, but it was fun.
I didn t really get to talk to him much cause there was a few other people that demanded my attention. I really
wanted to just let him soak up the surroundings on his own.
Didn t want to overload him with people s names. I introduced him to the people that were nessesary.

Seraphim Shock rocked the house! Yeah It sucks
cause while they were in Dayton some of their shit was stolen out
of their van including money from a few shows they had played in the last few days. :(
I talked to Adam(DJ Incubus) and he wants to work with me and Peter on a few big projects for a show he wants to do. I m excited.
Oh and I would have had pictures of the show...BUT I was afraid of loosing the camera on the bike so I gave it to this boy that was also coming to the show. He was supposed to follow us to Radio Radio but for some reason he thought we were going for a bike ride...don t ask. He is a moron sometimes. I like to call him Zoolander.

Got my cars fluids up to date. I had a loose connection on my battery. It wouldn t start for me on Sun but its all better now.
AND...I cut myself bangs! Little v-shaped ones. Its going to take awhile to get used to them and to figure out how the hell to style them.

See ya laters,


Cats are so graceful
2002-08-24 09:05:17 ET

So I am sitting on the computer loging onto...Here.
When My cat goes whizzing by kinda flinging herself as she goes.
I thought she was just being her normal skitzo self when she careened
back into the bathroom slamming into the wall. Thats when I saw it.
This stringy turd hanging off her backside. I jumped out of
my chair and grabbed her by her scruff before she smeared it all over
my bathroom floor. I slammed both doors closed and while I
grabbed some TP off the roll she preceeded to run around the bathroom in circles. I
cleaned her off and let her go. The entire time I could not stop laughing.

The end

2002-08-20 10:40:33 ET

Yea! I am going to Dayton Ohio again.
I am going to a show on Thursday here and then to the bar 1470 on saturday, so ya I guess that is all for now. I have to get my place cleaned or I would do a real update

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