My trip
2002-12-18 10:22:34 ET

So I am back here in Indiana.
The ride to PA was horrible. It was cold, rainy, dark, full of
mountains and curvy deady roads. My dad was a complete pain.
He totally can t drive. Other than that he had to keep bringing up
my piercings to every one we talked to. I m sorry but that is not
what I like to talk about with people. I have much more important
things to talk about than what color my hair is that day...ANYWAYS,
the actual graduation was cool and it was REALLY nice being out in
the country. My sister lives in Oxford, PA, which is 45 min from
Philly. and not too far from Delaware and Maryland. So then the
states I get to add to my places visited would be:
Pennslyvania, Delaware, West Virgina and Maryland..YEA!
Ummm, my sister was rather nice. She spent most of the time worrying
and getting ready for the graduation. She was a total wreak. My
Mom and I helped her make food for the after party. I was the
last one asleep the night before up making little crab thingies...
On saturday my Mom, sister and I went in to Philadelphia. We
visited this shopping strip called South St. For those of you who
know the area its like broadripple only way busier and way coooler,
and much smaller yet nicer than Belmont and Clark in Chicago.
My sister said they call the city Filthadelphia cause it is dirty..
...I would agree with that. It was pretty nasty....
I bought a few things while I was there. I bought an Afro Ken tank
top for Kelly and an AWESOME spider ring for myself. I WAS going to give
it to Niki if she really liked it, but by the time I wore
it home, it found a new place on my finger....sorry Niki....
We also founf this badass bead shop. I bought some cooool skull
beads. Thats about it. My sister was really tired and was already
rushing us out and we hadn t even made it down the second side of
the street. We picked up some philly steaks for dinner after we
got home and headed back.
When we got home we found out my cousin Karen had her baby and my
Aunt Edy which had been there for a week, now needed a ride to
where we were...ya know thats kind a boring to read about I m sure
so I ll move along. Anyways she was there and it was all good.
The next day was the graduation, it went really well. I got tons
of pictures and my sister went crazy looking at them all. During
the graduation some guy told me to sit down cause the people behind
me couldn t see. Oh Ok. If they were not standing already do you
think they cared that they couldn t see...uh duh...
five minutes later there were tons of people standing on their you think they were told to get off the chairs, uh no...
Then after that My sister and I drove aroung looking for neat
places to take photos of her. First stop, some church. It was a
church that made a special appearance on the show Jackass! I guess
they did some bicycle jousting there...I wonder if any of it is in
the movie...hrmmmmm. Then we took some photos in front of
the West Chester University sign...uh yea...
went home ate lots of really good food and then cause I was
dissapointed about leaving Philly early the day before my Mom, Aunt
and I went back to look at beads. I bouhgt more and My Aunt gave
me $10 to spend on some...I ended up spending $47.....I put a few
When we got back from there we went and looked at christmas lights.
It was nice...Ummmmmm I m tired of writing about this. The trip
back was even worse... and there will be pictures later....

Love you

2002-12-12 18:45:30 ET

So I m leaving...that makes me sad....I m going to miss peter sooooo much.
I m actually nervous, excited, anxious, worried, scared and anything else you
could think of. I don t have a thing ready....I did get my hair bleached twice
and the arm band I wanted for my jacket. I still need to remove the last stupid
looking patch from my skirt and add the back patch to the jacket and the other
little patches I got at the army surplus place. I wanted to buy this cool looking
pin/medal thing, but I didn t. I hope my dad won t drive me to crazy. I feel
like I m getting ready for a family vacation. OH, and I m not packed and I still
haven t redyed the green...I was going to keep it blond, but you can still see green
so I m going to dye over it anyways and I need to redo the black. i did get art of
my make up, thats like three things...
Okay picture of my jacket and my hair:

Garrr! I hope we get to go OUT!!! If I don t get to the city
during the day I m def. going out that night. If I have to
make my sister take me!!!!
oh kay!!!
I love you and I have to go now....well not really, but ya.....


2002-12-11 03:39:41 ET

It Snowed!!!!
~does litle snow dance~
I have been waiting EVERY day for it to snow
and it snowed while I was asleep!


These are the houses out back of my apartment.
Heh, see how I look down on them....heh

Ya know what pisses me off about it.
I have to work.

Philly/west chester trip
2002-12-10 09:35:03 ET

blah, so I won t be able to do everything I was hoping
I could do while I was in PA.
My dad and I don t leave until friday night so that only
really leaves me with sat. to do things and I will be
spending the day with family...I guess...
There is always the chance that I could come back and visit
again and then plan to meet up. Or maybe I will still
have the chance to go out and play on sat. night...who knows?
Anyways, I m totally stoked and am going to dress my worse
just to drive my sister nuts. I picked up this guys jacket
with straps and the such at hot topic and am going to the
army surplus store to decorate it. I am trying to decide if
I should put a psycic tv patch on the back...or something else.
I forgot...what.
Anyways I hope I can find some arm bands or the such...
so excited....

I think I went to bed too early
2002-12-02 00:31:33 ET

It is now 511ish am...I fell asleep around 930ish last night.
I guess I was tired.
I am sooo cold. Either the heat sucks or we have too many
gaping windows. I am wearing my emo sweater. Trying to keep
warm. I might freeze to death. PETER!!!! COME HOLD ME!!!

I am still going to Pennsylvania, but Niki in "not allowed" to go.
I wanted her to come along cause it would have been totally badass,
but my sister is a biznotch. I guess I m not adult enough to have
a friend come along, but thats ok. I think I m going to shave my
head into a mohawk before I go and then keep it spiked with the
ever so wonderful Freeze It spray. That stuff kicks.
or maybe not...
I was talking to one of the managers up at the store in castleton
and she told me she wanted people to practice braiding on. I was going
to have her do some extensions for me but I would rather have my cute
short spikey hair for the trip.
So then if anyone wants to do/host a hair party let me know. She told
me she made some pretty kick ass dreads and she didn t use any heat...
this might be interesting.

Here are some photos:

Me eating at Golden Corral on Turkey Day...I HAD to eat there.

I had no choice.
If you look next to my head you can see a fire alarm.
Right behind me I aslo had the emergency exit WITH alarm
and a very handy fire extiguisher.....I wanted to use them all...

My Christmas tree. Can you see the little skeleton guys on it?

Me and Morrey ignoring the tree.

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