2003-03-26 01:52:46 ET


2003-03-16 19:19:48 ET

god, I m so boring on here....
I hate updating anymore, but I m addicted to my comp.

My brother came back from Japan.
My ceramics class is going well.
I learned how to use a drop spidle.
I dyed a bunch of wool.
Went to the childrens museum.
Got all pissy and depressed for a minute.
Went to the bar.
Bought some purple furry leg warmers.
Went to the laundro mat.
My Mom s birthday was Sat. She is 56.
Saw my brother for the last time before he moves to W. Virgina.
After 2 months and 3 weeks our apartment is completely finished.
Got wasted.
Need to get snogged.
Enjoyed the really BADASS!!! weather we had today.
It was fucking AWESOME!!!

2003-03-11 15:22:23 ET

I don t know what my dilly o is.
I never post here very often.

Peter is sick, which make sleeping with him UNBEARABLE.
His nose is all stuffy and he has woken me up two days in
a row with this horrible snoring. ugh....He is on the couch
doing it right now. silly sicky head. :P
anyways...I have been talking with this grrl lately about
hair and the such...she is now this wool fanatic and we went
an hour away to this "local" wool shop. It was in the
middle of this Podunk town. We shopped bought some roving
and then went in search of some food. We came across this
tea room. It was sooooo bad ass. They had little finger
sandwhiches and really good tea. Ends up the owner/chef
was from Indy too! Cool.
The end.

2003-03-07 19:05:27 ET

What happened to Syko and Moxie?

2003-02-27 20:19:44 ET

bleh, I feel crappy.....
I wish there were more goths*(or rivetheads or even horror punks) here in indy.
I wish I had friends that would let me do things to their heads more often.
I wish I could get dressed up any night of the week and go out. I could sit
here and list all kinds of things I wish would happen.
Peter and I have argued over this subject before. he says stick around and it
will get better...its the only way to make it better...what the hell is he talking
about? Where the hell are they going to come from? by the time the stupid baby "goths"
get around to hanging out at the bars I ll be too old. AND why the hell would I want
to hang out with people that much younger. How many of the "goths" that are here
now...that are older....thought the same thing? Will I be in the same place they are now?
I am not trying to insult any of my RL friends......but do you guys ever have the same
feelings? I think that maybe this town just isn t big enough to hold me in.
uhgh...sorry I ll go now.

*-I use the term goth loosely...I don t consider myself goth, but I let myself get
lumped into that label....for those of you that know me personally....I m much more :)

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