2003-04-18 06:05:54 ET

I dont want SK to go away...that all I have to say....
I will also make payments montly if its needed.

2003-04-08 22:04:30 ET

Ummm....a picture I came across and I thought it was neat...

2003-04-08 20:13:47 ET

I am bored out of my skull. My art class ends soon.
I have one full class and then an open house to show off
my work. :( that makes me really sad. I don t feel like
I was very productive. The last class I had, I felt really
rushed. I had to finish making these little stars and get
them glazed....I have no experiance with any of the
When I painted them.....HELL it was like this----->the whole class!
I paint something close my eyes and cross my fingers HOPING
the colors come out ok.
I made some ceramic tiles to make into a mosaic table....painted
some of them this reealllly dark, pretty red.....they came out
black....with cream edges(and speckles)....don t ask. My teacher
was noooo help at all. So the other tiles I had metallic,
flat black, grey with rust, and a shiny black w/gold speckles....
whole lotta black....I was planning on grouting with black and maybe
staining the wood black.....ALL this would have looked good if my red
came out like it was supposed to...Now I gotta change all my plans.
Ummmmm.....I also was able to finish thise vessel I was making......
I felt rushed, becaus eit was my last day to handbuild anything....I
really didn t feel to happy with it when I put it on the shelf to be
bisqued, but I think when I paint it, it will look great.
~closes eyes, crosses fingers~
~hopes it comes out okie~

I see pee.
2003-04-01 19:22:50 ET

Peter is sick again....I can t hear it when he sleeps.....I think I m going to go sleep myself. I wish he could not be
sick....I feel helpless to help him. :(
I get to braid some friends hair....he is paying my $50
to braid his grrls hair...I think I am going to but
Insane Clown Posse tickets.....yes....thats what I said.
ICP.....I am going...and I want to go.....I m sick.
Some one shoot me!

I am such a rivet head....
2003-03-28 05:27:52 ET

So for the last two weeks all I can think about is getting
some dresses from the 40s and 50s. I wanna do my hair
up all nice and put on some heels. Then go and walk my dog
around downtown with a big plastic purse.
I did a search for vintage clothes but I can t seem to find
anything good. I kept getting rockabilly websites, but
that is not really what I wanted. I have a hard shape to fit
so I need to like go someplace I can try them on. I saw
some reproduction dresses at Hot Topic, but to fit my ass
I have to buy an Xl and then get the top altered to fit.
I also found a designer called Stop Staring. They don t
sell off their site but they had a link to
Come to find out they are located in Fairmount, IN. The
birthplace of James Dean. I am totally going to check this
place out. It s about an hour and a half away.
For some reason I hate showing my belly off and I hate
having my back exposed. I have bad acne between my blades.
(not so bad, but one or more big red zits/spots is gross to me)
Most of the dresses are halter tops and the sirts are like
all about showing off the midrift. I just want the old lady
type dress.....that are cute and black(duh)

!!!!HOLY CRAP!!!! I JUST found a website on bullet bras!!!! I need one of those.
Okay that is it for now.

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