You won't find me waiting in line...
2005-07-15 10:21:18 ET

I feel like I'm the only person who isn't obsessed with Harry Potter.

Slowly but surely, I'm recovering.
2005-07-14 21:16:46 ET

So, Tuesday was my surgery.

It went ok! It was actually pretty successful.

They found the endometriosis and burned it off, as planned.

Dr. Collis also took lots of pictures, that in two weeks she's going to show me and we'll discuss what they show.

She did the DNC (uterus scarping) as well, apparently my tissue is pretty clean.

I went home with an IV and two incisions in my tummy, and LOTS of air in my tummy. They had to blow air in my tummy so they could see everything. I gained 9 pounds, strictly in air. That's actually what causes the most pain.

I went home later that day and Scott and David came over, Scott gave me lots of loving attention. It was the most I'd seen from him in awhile.

Wednesday my Grandparents came over, they brought my a pretty little plant.

Today I got my IV taken out, it hurt, and there was a quite a lot of blood.

Tomorrow I get to take my sticky, stitch protectors off. *They itch!*

In two weeks I'll start treatment. Most likely that stuff that puts me into a fake menopause and the depo-shot.

I'm probably not going to be on the computer anymore, it hurts being out of bed.

If you'd like to come see me, give me a call.

This is a little careful.
2005-07-11 18:17:32 ET

*I gave you your disclaimer.*

So tomorrow is my surgery, I'm terrified.

Dr. Collis is going to be doing a lot more then she had initially told me.

Not only is she cutting two holes in my stomach to look for the progression of Endometrios they will have to cut two more holes in me if they do find it so they can cauterize the "diseased tissue" off. She is also going to do a biopsy from this.

I get a catheter tomorrow... *shudder*

They're also going to induce labor so that I can be dilated so that she can scrape all the inside lining of my uterus and that in turn will give me a period...sort of a pseudo period. While she's doing that she is going to cut a small portion of my uterus muscle so that she can see if I have a thing called Aedonmyosis...

If I have Aedonmyosis they will put me on a medication called Luprin and something else, so that my periods will be suppressed but I will have a faux-menopause.

Dr. Collis also talked to my Mom about a hysterectomy...that scares me.

Anyways, I'll be in the hospital for a long time. Then when I go home I'll have an IV still...for the first 48 hours. I trust my Mom though, she's a nurse so I trust her with the IV, I'd rather have her do it then some nurse or tech that I don't know.

Someone send me flowers maybe?

How do i?
2005-07-11 15:08:00 ET

If I have regular earings, what do I use to start gauging my ears so that I don't rip them? What size taper should I get?

I need some help y0!
2005-07-10 19:33:45 ET

Hey, can someone help me beautify my page?

I would greatly appreciate it ;)

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