you can't make me.....2002-08-25 17:38:13 ET starts tomorrow. I fuckin hate school, just as much as I hate nazi bastards! I don't want to go..but they will drag my ass to school. I have to ride the fuckin cheese wagon. I don't want to go. I don't even know if I'm going to VoTech or Beall. God! I don't wanna go, I don't wanna I don't wanna.......!!! ::cries:: This sux. :(

2002-08-24 18:10:23 ET

So yea. I've been sorta busy. Getting ready for school. Then trying to figure out where I'm going and shit. Then trying to find a job then having a friend pissed at me when I tried to tell her something important that I thought she should know. And then I babysat tonite. I've been hanging out with friends alot more. So yea.
Right now,I'm on here, talking to AJ on yahoo and Cyndi on AOL, hopefully on yahoo. We are suppose to play together! yay!

// listening to://
CD: The Eminem Show
Artist: Eminem
Song: square dance

I'm not dead..2002-08-24 13:21:07 ET

Just so everyone knows, I'm not dead. I've been busy. A really boring wierd busyness. School starts monday, so I will only be on after school and until 10:30pm 11pm at night eastern time. So If you don't hear from me write me an e-mail at or And I will return e-mails. Thank you for the letter, I got it today. Well I'm going to be babysitting tonite, I will most likely be online. probably on MSN Add me if you like. Welp I'll talk to you all later. Byebye
<3 ::NiCole::

yesterday and today..2002-08-22 07:42:43 ET

Ok so yesterday. I got up at 8am, my dad took me too my appointment with my cousler. Then he picked me up, and we came to the house to pick up my brother. He took us to the school to get our schedules, I'm going to Votech and their may be a problem, because I'm missing my government credit, so I got my transscript and I have to take it to Votech with me tomorrow, I have a meeting with the principal there at 1pm. So I have to promise I will got to summer school next summer for government. And tell him I will work great there and get really good grades and all that happy horseshit.
Today I'm going to get dressed. Then clean my room. I'm finnally going to get a door on my room!! and then I'm going to feed the dog. And then I dunno...stuff I guess...its going to take me awhile to clean my room though.

nite!2002-08-20 20:17:33 ET

Ok. Im tired, so I'm going to bed now! good night. Write me some interesting things in here for me to read in the morning. Well goodnite all, I'm going to put Eminem,( stop laughing! I can hear you!), in and fall asleep. Wet Dreams and Sweet Nightmares



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