Attack of the mohawks!!!2002-08-20 13:28:10 ET

Their everywhere thier everywhere! I <3 Mohawks!! they turn me on!! These are big pictures, because I don't know how to get them smaller. But here are a few of our mohawk friends at Subkultures....





If you have a mohawk and are not here or know of someone, put up a picture. I fuckin love mohawks!!!!!!!!!


Baby Pictures..2002-08-20 12:19:09 ET

Ok... I want to see some peoples baby pictures and whatnot, toddler pictures...whatever..just show me!
Heres Mine:


DWI=jail time2002-08-20 05:52:01 ET

Today I woke up at 9am. Talked to my dad for a little bit before he left got his hearing. He got picked up with DWI and now they want to give him jail time. And if they do that, my mom is not going to be able to pay the morgage on the house, cause my dad is the one that brings in the money to pay that, and me and my mom and my brother might have to move or something. We barely have money for food anymore. And my dad is our way of transportation. My mom doesn't have her licence and I don't because they haven't taken me. I'm going to have to return my bass because my parents wont have the money to pay for it, and I know they are going to try so I'm just going to return it so they don't pay for it. This is really shitty. We are going back to being poor one point in time we had no cable and no phone. I remember one year when I was little we didn't have much of a dinner...whatever was cheap and on sale is all we could have. We drank kool-aid ALL the time. One summer we were poor and my mom got this good deal on a lot of chicken and she froze it , and all we had was chicken and kool-aid and freezypops that my mom bought in baulk from the Dollar store. Then that with my parents spliting up and geting back together over 10 times, I've had a pretty shitty childhood. But in some ways it was good. I just want to get my license and get a job, get my 2 years of school done, and then I'm gone. Pittsburg. Thats where you'll find me. Me AJ and Krystal. But for now, I'm waiting for my dad to call and tell me if hes going to be going to jail or not.

2002-08-19 18:56:47 ET

The warden is telling me I have to go to I'l probably just lay i the dark until 3 am.

highlight of the night..2002-08-19 18:37:39 ET

Today: I ate...2 pieces of toast...and a little bit ago, and bowl of berry Speical K with 2% milk. Thats all I could eat..and all I was hungry for. I don't understand my body. Sometimes it wants alot of food and most of the time it wants no food at all. Its fuckin crazy, I hate to eat in the morning though so I can take my medication or I'll get sick.

On another note:
I'm talking to Nina on AIM and AJ on yahoo.
Conversastion with Nina:
Starlite Raven [11:25 PM]: yeah, so how bout it?? will you be my wife or not?
AuthorityIsDead [11:25 PM]: Well hold on...lemme check..
Starlite Raven [11:26 PM]: what??
AuthorityIsDead [11:27 PM]: punk_kitten_x: AJ.....Nina wants to know if I can be her wife..
AJ: i don't care
AuthorityIsDead [11:27 PM]: guess I'm your wife..
Starlite Raven [11:28 PM]: Tell AJ thanks, we can sare you! yummy!!:-*
AuthorityIsDead [11:29 PM]: hehe..oooo
AuthorityIsDead [11:29 PM]: ;-)

Conversation with AJ:
punk_kitten_x: AJ.....Nina wants to know if I can be her wife..
AJ: i don't care
punk_kitten_x: You sure?
punk_kitten_x: Cause she wants to know if her and I can get married.
AJ: i don't care
punk_kitten_x: Ok
AJ: ok
punk_kitten_x: Nina says two can share me....
punk_kitten_x: hmmmm..
AJ: ok
punk_kitten_x: ok
punk_kitten_x: Hey, that means when you start working....and don't have much time for me.....Nina can love me..
AJ: yea

So yea, thats the highlight of my night!


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