empty2002-08-10 19:55:33 ET

Its wierd not waking up to a kiss from AJ. Not hanging out with him. Not having him hold me while we are watching TV or smoking a cigaratte under the stars. No wrestling with each other. I miss it all. Its soo odd not to be with him right now. I just want to go back home (his house). He called tonite and we talked about alot of stuff. I cried because I miss him so much. I don't like to be at my house anymore. I get treated like shit. I want to be with my AJ right now. I want sit up til 3am talking to him about how they make Dip n Dots ice cream, or how we are really upside down. I want to have him tuck me in and kiss me good nite. I want him to wake me up with a kiss in the morning and make ma poptarts for breakfest. I want his touch. I want to be with him now. But I can't . Because hes in Hyndman, PA...and......I'm all the way down in Mt.Savage MD. Its not that far apart. But its too far for me. I actully need him. I actully need someone in my life. I don't feel complete, here, by myself. I feel empty when I'm away from him. I'm empty. I need his kiss goodnite to make my emptyness stop.

evrything sux..2002-08-10 16:28:00 ET

I miss my AJ *cries* I just want to go back home. His house is my home. My house is just a house. I have only been home for a day and my dad has just seen me today...and has already started yelling at me. There is no food in the house..so I make brownies for my lil bor cause hes hungry and I get yelled at. It sucks. I want to go back to AJs. I hate living here. Its hell. I love to be at AJs around his family. He has like a beaver cleaver home. Its not prefect but damn close to it. They aren't judgemental or racist like my family. AJs family is my family to me. I love them. And I have more respect for his parents that I do mine.

On a happier note. I made brownies..and kool-aid..thats about all we have to eat or drink :(..

a dog, sicssors and NiCole..2002-08-10 12:13:26 ET

I gave my dog a hair cut.He looks like a puppy now, hes so cute now, thanx to ME Its 5pm and I'm STILL in my pjs. Oh god. I need to go back to AJs. Atleast I have something to do everyday. :P Oh my. I really miss him. This sux. I just wanna go drink agian so I won't miss him that much. Cause man I am missing him so much right now. I want to cry. I feel alone, well maybe thats because I am alone. :(

Oh yeah..AJ cut his hair back to a hawk yesterday. Its cute. Its just odd now. At 1st when he grew his hair back it was odd seeing him hawkless...now its odd seeing him without much hair.


appology2002-08-10 08:17:57 ET

I am appoligizing to everyone. If I had written any profound or valgur things in anyones post. I was a bit tipsy last night. So I hope I didn't write anything wierd, out of context on your page. If so I am truely sorry.


tiredness..2002-08-09 18:59:20 ET

Ok..I'm drunk an tiredd..so yea.. thinkg I'm goiung to bed. nite akll...

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