the kid talk..2002-08-03 18:07:26 ET

here is the conversation with AJ on yahoo.. Just read looks long but its not..its cute and funny..

punk_kitten_x: I had a dream last night that you knocked me up.
AJ: oh thats just great
punk_kitten_x: yeah, thats what I thought too.
punk_kitten_x: But you made me keep it. That was the odd thing.
AJ: hahahaha
AJ: all your dreams have a bizarre twist in them some where
punk_kitten_x: I know. I'm so fucked up.
AJ: hehe
AJ: bizarre
AJ: thats a funny word
punk_kitten_x: And it was a boy...and we named it Sidney Vicious...
punk_kitten_x: hehe
AJ: that sounds right
punk_kitten_x: yeah...
punk_kitten_x: And every one told me I was stupid for letting you name the kid.
punk_kitten_x: it was just a wierd dream
AJ: damnit if i have a kid thats its name
AJ: he'll tell his friend his name
AJ: they'll be like oh yea i believe ya
punk_kitten_x: haha
AJ: man if i was a parent i'd have to be a kool parent
AJ: i'd hate for my kid to hate me or for my kids friends to hate me
punk_kitten_x: Yeah. Me too
AJ: yea
punk_kitten_x: We are gunna be those cool parents that our kids friends wish they had.
AJ: haha yea
punk_kitten_x: hehe..
AJ: isn't it funny how we are saying we ARE
punk_kitten_x: yea.
punk_kitten_x: I was thinking that too.
AJ: i'm sure we will eventually
punk_kitten_x: yea
AJ: i want to eventually
punk_kitten_x: have kids??
AJ: yea
punk_kitten_x: me too
AJ: i think it'd be fun
AJ: making them would be too
punk_kitten_x: Hehe. Yeah. It would

this is funny because when we 1st started dating he was totally anti- kids in his future and I was all for kids...and now..look...he actully wants some. with me!

boredom lurks...2002-08-03 14:15:15 ET

So here I am. Bored. It has rained all day so I couldn't go and do anything. I was gunna try alittle skateboarding, but can't. :P Sux. I have to pee . Haha. I really really really wish I had something to do. I 've been sitting home watching lifetime movies all day. I'm such a dork. Some one talk to me and entertain me.

AIM : AuthorityIsDead

....long day so far...2002-08-02 08:02:57 ET

Ok heres my day so far-

6:30am= Mom wakes me up so I can get a bath and get ready. We leave the house at 7:30am to get to the Health Department by 8:30 so I can see my psychitrist. Get there get in at 9am. The doctor is from India, she is cool as fuck. She wears the indian clothes and even has the red dot. She says I have AD/HD ( attention defesset/hyper activeness disorder). Haha..when I was little I only had ADD ( attention defisset disorder) now I have AD/HD. haha..So they are putting me on med. Ate at burger king at 11am. Went to Dr.Changs, so she can refere me to get blood work done. Came home. Checked the mail....I GOT MY LETTER!!!
(thank you Cyndi!!!!!)
So tomorrow I have to wake up early in the morning to get blood work, pee in a cup and get an EKG, so they can put me on meds. How fun! So yeah. Thats all for now. I'm going to bed cause I'm tired.. Its 1pm. So I will talk to you later today or this evening and mayve updat you on my day...

:: NiCole ::

ignorant world...2002-08-01 06:54:54 ET

Heather and I were talking last nite..and she sent me here this is really rediculous....its the INTERNET <r> people....

off to bed..2002-07-31 20:38:59 ET

I'm off to bed now..I hope the giant steriod taking flies don't eat me in my sleep :| ...goodnight all!
Wet Dreams and Sweet Nitemares!!

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