....2002-07-28 07:32:40 ET

I'm bored. Talking to AJ online, but its not much of a conversastion..AJ: sorry to keep you waiting so long
punk_kitten_x: Its ok.
punk_kitten_x: What were ya doing anyway?
AJ: playing a game
punk_kitten_x: Oh.
AJ: yea
punk_kitten_x: My hands are pissing me off..I hate when they shake like this..thats why I stopped taking Zoloft.
AJ: yea
punk_kitten_x: So what are you up to today?
AJ: i dont' know
AJ: probably the same as always
punk_kitten_x: i see..I have to finish putting things away in my room.
AJ: yea

haha..thats about it. I miss SiS... I hope she comes back soon..she has such fun things on her page..

I'm fuckin done..2002-07-27 17:38:15 ET

Oh my god..its about time. I'm done cleaning my room. I had to scrub my walls down because they are white and were stained. I rearranged my room! Its cool . I like it the way it is now!..Its soo neat..lol..If I have a digi cam, I'd take a pic, but I dont...so poop. I'm bored, AJ better get his punk ass back online soon. I'm sending out some letters tomorrow. I've been in a writing mood, so if you want me to send you one, gimme you address. haha..maybe I'll put some goodies in the envolope..hehe..

//listening to//:"Red Carpet and Rebellion"-The Distillers

..cleaning room...and Anthony John...2002-07-27 10:28:37 ET

=I'm still cleaning and rearranging my room. I think Anthony John is mad at me or something for the e-mail I sent or either he hasen't checked his e-mail yet. Oh well, its his fault for being a dick about things.

Answer this question for me,

==Do you think its wrong of AJ not to care what went on at the health department yesterday??

..cleaning my room..2002-07-27 04:11:33 ET

My mom says I have to clean my room today. So if I'm not on here, thats what I'm doing. Its going to take me like 3 weeks. Its soo freakin messy. Oh my. I hope I don't get lost or eaten. Oh my. So yes, I may be on later tonight though. Its 9:06am, so time me..lol.. I'll start around 10:30 am..cause I want my mum to cut my hair. So Cheers! kiddies, hope you don't miss me too much!

nitey nite2002-07-26 19:54:43 ET

its about time miss nicole goes to bed....so good nite everyone..talk to ya in the morning...

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