Junkie Gal, stamps and no food...2002-08-13 08:25:00 ET

Last night Cyndi called me. She called at midnight and we talked til 2am my time, but my eyees started to get heavy and I started to fall asleep. So we got off the phone and I went to bed.She is one cool chick. She has a cute little pretty voice. Shewas interesting to talk to also..

Today I have to do dishes and go get stamps to send out these letters...oh my 13 letters. my hands gunna fall off. I'm still sleepy and there is nothing to eat in this house. God, My parents need to go to the market. Ok. I don't have much to say. So I will stop wasting your time. I'm going to go find something to eat. Cheers! all ;)

last call..2002-08-12 12:39:30 ET

This is the last call for anyone who would like me to write them letters with presents included........any one else while I'm still online???? I'll be on for about 20 more minutes...

letters...want one?2002-08-12 11:32:30 ET

just got done writing letters....any one else want one and some presents too??...just tell me!

bored sick tired bored sub|hum|ans2002-08-12 07:37:47 ET

I'm not interested in a clockwork orange. I'm not in the mood to watch it. So I turnned it off. I'm going to go listen to my Punk Rock music. Sub|hum|ans. Haha...I'm bored bored bored bored. I woke up to a big red suprise this morning, grrls you get me on that. I feel sick. I have to pee. I need tampons. Dad needs to come home so I can go out and get some. Oh my. bored bored sick tired bored.

Resident Evil, Clockwork Orange, Veggie Hoagies, Nilla Coka and vast amounts of nothingness.2002-08-11 16:59:57 ET

Today I did vast amounts of nothingness. I ate a veggis hoagie today. Provalone cheese, tomatoes, lettace and mayonaise with garlice salt, pepper and salt. I created this all by myself. Me and my dad rented movies. We watched Resident Evil, great movie might I add. Now he is watching rollerball. And we rented A Clockwork Orange. My dad told me it will take me days or watcing to understand it. He said its a strange movie. He said even when he was one drugs it was strange and he didn't like it that much. So I thought, hey, what the hell, why not rent it. lol. Well Imma go make me another veggie sub or sumthin' and drink the rest of my vanilla coke.

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