"Speedway"    2005-11-09 09:37:06 ET

I get so nervous I'm shaking
Gets so I got no pride at all
Gets so bad but I just keep coming back for more
I guess I just get off on that stuff

I'm thinking about taking some time
I'm thinking about leaving soon
I got some things I can't tell anyone
I got some things I just can't say
They're the kind of things no one knows about
I just need somebody to talk to me

I'm thinking about leaving tomorrow
I'm thinking about being on my own
I think I been wasting my time
I'm thinking about getting out

In all this time, The bottom line's you don't know how much I feel
You say you see but I don't agree
You don't know how I feel

I'm just trying to get myself some gravity
You're just trying to get me to stay
Sometimes I sit here looking down upon Los Angeles
Sometimes I'm floating away

I'm thinking about breaking myself
I'm thinking about getting back home
I think I been waiting for way too long
I'm thinking about getting out

 Ok so    2005-11-05 07:12:13 ET
I turned in that application at Hot Topic last weekend. And since I forgot to fill in my availability I thought maybe I'd take in my class schedule and resume just to give them an idea of when I'd be avaiable to work. Do you think that's a good idea or have I waited to long? I just thought of it last night like a dumbass haha.

Anyway...any opinions are welcome ^_^ so long as you odn't call me a dumbass I already covered that one hehe

 So today...    2005-11-04 11:00:03 ET
I was on my way to work. And i was at this stoplight waiting for the light to turn green. The people on the other side of the road (opposite me) got an arrow to turn so they were going and then it turned red and ours turned green to go straight....you'd think that would be a clue to them that we were going to move...

So this red truck runs the red, no big deal i hadn't started moving yet, so then me and the car next to me go cause well we have a green and it's been green for a while...

i look at my clock which is directly infront of me by my speedometer, and then look up again, and slam on my breaks...

DUMBASS white truck ran the red, after the other truck ran the red..

I'm serious...it's a damn miracle i didnt' hit him, i really dont' know how i didn't hit him...and the car next to me didnt' honk or anything ..thanks buddy.

People need to learn how to drive.

That same road, which is a state road, has a speed limit of 45 mph, it's been that way for YEARS and they built a new super walmart right off that road. Well ever since then people dont' do more than 30-35 on that road...i dont' know if they are just so in awe of walmart or what..but even the "fast" lane is slow, heck most of the time i can pass people in the slow lane haha.


     2005-11-03 19:02:25 ET
I will be so happy when I'm done with school.

I sent in a copy of the course description of the math class i took at ISU to see if it would substitute for the basic math class at the school I'm at now (IUPUI) .....nope. WTF?! so if i want to take anything but M001 again (which is like 8th grade algebra) i'll have to take a stupid placement test, which they charge you for...grrrrrrrr i took pre-calc in highschool..that should have counted for something geesh.

ok i'm done.

nothing really on the plate of "good news" other than my ticket is officially booked for jamaica. damon sent me the itinerary today, and i got my final switched so i won't miss it. so yay! haha i'm happy about that one.

least i'm not 100% complaining all the time haha. though i feel like i do.

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