So...kinda long, but really crappy    2005-11-02 14:19:30 ET
I went to get my hair cut last saturday because my bangs were REALLY annoying.

My hair dresser lady is really nice, I've been going to the same one pretty much since we've lived in Indiana. Her and her family were always really religious and they always were in good spirits and never had a bad word to say about anybody. Her husband, I'll call him D, was a singer at the church and I think he even has a few cds out of christian music.

I think it was a few years ago, 2 maybe 3, that they moved into this really nice big house on some land, and D decided to start singing with this lady in church and at gigs and stuff (she was their neighbor, i'll call her S cause she's well...satan spawn as far as I'm concerned haha) so my hairdresser was ok with it at first, but then she started feeling mroe and more uncomfortable about the situation. And she was a very very trusting person but she jsut knew that he was pulling away from her and the family (they have 2 daughters, one 15 and one 18). So she asked him a few times and he always said that it was just singing. Well comes out later that they decide they are "in love" and that it was "gods purpose to put them together" (what the freak ever, he wouldn't have done that to my hairdresser, she is the nicest most christian lady (and not the kind of chrsitians who say they are an dthen aren't. or who are super judgemental of everyone..she is awesome) and god wouldn't do that to her or her girls). anyway this lady, S, leaves her family (she was married too) and D leaves his family and they get married...blah blah blah.

So now on to what I found out last saturday...their daughters have tried to be accepting of the whole thing, but end up siding with their mom. They don't like S and they feel really betrayed by their dad and are hurt because of what he did to them and the family and how he's treating the situation now (he's a real ass). So the youngest gets the idea that since him and his new wife are going out of town for the weekend, they'll egg his house (this was a few weeks ago i think). Well my hairdresser just thought they were kidding so she kinda egged them on, well they decided to actually do it. to egg and toilet paper the windwows of this house.

Now...mind you..this is their DADs house. It has vinyl siding and pretty new windows, so it's not like it's causing any real damage...and again...DADs house.

He calls the cops...and is pressing "crminal mischief" charges against most cases means, the youngest will be tried as an adult as well.

Now most likely they won't get anything, but at the most it would probably be probation,and maybe smoe restitution or community service, but seriously......IT'S THEIR DAD!!! These kids have never done ANYTHiNG wrong..and now they are going to have this on their record for the rest of their lives (unless the youngest is tried as a juvenile then it'll prolly be dropped and if not that record isn't a big deal). Honestly, how could you do that to your own kids?

I can see calling the cops and scaring them, but make them clean it up, or make them do lawn work for a year, or clean the house for a year or something. Making them go through being put in jail, fingerprinted, all taht jazz and then having a record is just uncalled for...especially for eggs and toilet paper. It's not like the set the place on fire, or used something that could cause a whole hell of a lot mroe damage.

Grrr...people like him make me mad, cause he's just trying to make his new wife happy and he doesn't care about his kids anymore. I can see being pissed at them but seriously...jail and charges? that's bullcrap.

Anyway i'm done ranting now i have to go eat dinner then study for a test...


 Halloooweeeennnn 2005    2005-11-01 12:19:02 ET
*Plays Imperial March for effect*

Then we have Olllliiivvviiiaaa hehe as Tink

and this is Melissa's friend's son, they all went trick-or treating together, his name is Jaylin though I'm not sure that's how you spell it.

he's emilee's age and almost just as cute as she is, he likes to run around singing "buuuues cuuuess buuuess cuuues" haha (aka blue's clues)

 So...    2005-10-30 19:07:40 ET
My cousin got her house. The one she wanted.

So here's how things stand now:

mom's in a shitty mood and wants to talk to melissa bout how things are going to change since she isn't moving out now til probably april. meaning she'll probably ask her to maybe pay her something each month, to help more with food buying, and definitely to help around the house more.

get mom tells her before she leaves to take "dart gayder" and tinkerbell to her mom's house for halloween there that we are going to be cleaning today and that it should go real easy with all THREE of us doing it because she's tired of doing it by herself (if she doesn't include me even though i do help melissa gets upset). So she leaves....and she's gone til we are done cleaning...haha go figure!!! she did however clean her bathroom well the one that is mine that her and the girls use. thank goodness too cause it needed it i don't think it'd been cleaned in a few weeks. i give her credit when she cleans she does a damn good job, she just doesn't ever start that's the issue haha.

so moms stressed and now my oma is stressed and well my oma ever since she was sick this last time has been a lot different then normal. it used to take a lot to get my oma upset and now it doesn't take hardly anything and her and mom are arguing over something stupid. she goes out to eat with her friends at home all the time and she wouldnt' go out with me and mom. we don't know why. she's constantly complaining (hey i get it honsetly haha i know i complain alot) about stuff that doesnt' need to be complained about. like when she was here this past time, she would get upset if melissa didn't do her laundry or something right away and so she would do it but then she'd bitch about doing it haha. and she didn't eat dinner with us at the table once. infact i don't think she even sat at the table with us once. she doesn't feel like it's "her place" anymore..whatever! haha i love my oma but mannnnn she has spent way too much time with her brother haha.

ummm...oh...i have 5 or 6 bracelets for the ONE foundation. America's version of MakePovertyHistory. I bought $10 worth of bracelets. If anyone would like me to send them one i'd be happy to. Not many people around here know what i'm talking about when i ask if they want one so i have quit asking. All the money you donate goes towards the fund...well it's not really a donation i mean it is but you are buying something in return haha..but they give the money all to the foundation so that's cool. You can read about the MakePovertyHistory one through the link in my bio, it's essentially the same thing only it's the UK side of it. Or go here to read about ONE

ok that's all


 Tryin to sleep ...and now i ramble about my day...then try and sleep again...    2005-10-29 20:15:26 ET
today we went to our new mall here in plainfield. it's friggin awesome haha.

it's open air so in the winter it won't be so cool but the places where you walk for the stores are covered. it's like it's own little town haha and they are adding more by Spring 2007 so this place is going to be huge.

Thankfully Hot Topic is one of the stores that was finished and open. The website for the mall said a whole bunch more stores would be open but today was only the second day and i don't think all of them are finished yet.

Also cool thing about this Hot Topic is the manager, is the guy that worked at Greenwood so he knows me and my mom haha. I of course asked for an application but dumbass me when I turned it in a little bit later, i had gotten distracted by my friend that i haven't seen in a while coming and talking to me and i forgot to fill in my availability, so when i handed it too him i looked real intelligent. i was like.."oh oops forgot that" but i told him i'm pretty much available whenever and i'm going to talk to Dan on monday and let him know that they might be calling him to find out about me working there (at my current job). I want him to be informed if they call that i'm not ditching this job I just need more money for other things and it's part-time anyhoot. So the Hot Topic guy who i can't remember his name said he'd prolly call middle of the week sometime. so hope i didn't look too stupid and hope i can come up with better answers to their interview questions or that they changed the interviewing process haha cause damn that's friggin hard ish. They ask you a lot about music and well I LOVE music and my life would be ish without it, but that doesn't mean I know a lot about music. What I think is one type of music may actually be something completely different and I really don't know about the whole process of figuring out whats "good" and what isn't. I'll listen to anything really. So i'm nervous about trying to be smart when it comes to music styles and how that relates to their store and their clothes & products so any suggestions you might have, feel free to speak up haha. They did change their app some, they added some of the questiosn the guy asked me in the interview last time to the application. Like what i think customer service is and why i picked to apply there and what skills i bring in. and then they asked how i learn about music and i put somewhere either that question or why i picked the store haha i put that i grew up around all different kinds of music and that it's a big part of my life. which it is. my lord you should see my CD collection haha and i really wish we had more good live shows around here. but i still don't know a lot about it.

anyway our movie theater opens up November 4th so if I don't get a job at the Hot Topic then I'll probably apply there. I really do need more money I just hope they are ok with the Jamaica thing, which I need to tell dan about as well but i'll tell him closer to the time.

damn i just looked at the map, there are a BUNCH of spaces not filled in this mall, more then i thought.

we are getting an irish pub haha so cool. and our Barnes & Noble doesn't open til next year damnit. we have most of the normal stores for a mall but then we have a bunch i've never heard of before. it's pretty interesting we were there for about 2-3 hours today.

ok that's all i'm done with my ramble and i need to try and sleep i was up late last night too.


I got this today, to wear over jeans which is how they had it displayed in the store and it looked way cooler then it does in this picture haha

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