In December, I'm going there for 3 days    2005-10-28 10:39:12 ET
The Beach:

The Pool:

The Room 1:

The Room 2:

We aren't positive yet what rooms we will get but they are basically all the same looking with just a few different features. I hope we get the one with the hammock cause I'll be sleeping there haha.

 Hypothetical Situation    2005-10-27 18:35:46 ET
So lets say you live in a house, and have probably lived there for a few years from the looks of it. You are currently renting the house and you know the owner has it up for sale, but that your lease isn't up until April so you won't have to move out until then.

Then someone decides they HAVE to have that house (even though the house isn't in that great of condition, the yard is a complete mess, there are no appliances included in the sale, and the bath tub desperately needs to be it's technically out of your price range). They won't stop hounding the owner about buying the house either, now the owner however did not list that the home would be occupied until April, but that's not the occupants fault, they aren't in charge of that.

Now here's where the problem comes in, this person who HAS to have this house wants you out. Before April.

Does anyone else find that to be INCREDIBLY selfish and rude? or is it just me?

 Today    2005-10-26 10:28:36 ET
I was woken up not only by the 5 year old but by Melissa as well. I hope they get a house soon.

Hey Vi, will you move back in and kick them out? haha at least you pitched in around the house! and didn't lay on your ass all day complaining about being tired hehe <3 you much haha

Went to work where i find this:

Normally my desk is in the middle of the room which puts me in the way of the parts guys having to get to their counter so i decided to keep it towards the filing cabinets to help stay out of the way. the only problem with that now is what Nikki decided to do. Apparently my area is her storage room now. So now not only am i still in the way of parts i'm more in the way. and it makes it really hard to get my stuff done without having to move the desk around a bunch of times. Kathy took the situation up with Dan (the manager) though so hopefully they will have it taken care of by friday, if not I'm saying something. She done pissed me off before so I'm done with her attitude.

And my area is right by the mens room...apparently we are either having sewer problems or someone ate to much taco bell last night. i nearly threw up.

Ok that's all for my update

 Took some pictures last night...    2005-10-23 17:17:33 ET
used my new polaroid haha my cousin was lke "wow they still make those?!"


Gabrielle (melissa's brother's daughter)


Andrew (gabrielle's brother) and Emilee


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