So far this week.......    2007-01-23 15:03:49 ET
Another day of flurries, another inch already on top of ten existing. Love it though:)

Have pretty much mastered the piece of shit CNC ESAB Plasma torch at work. From trial and error, I learned tricks on the machine that operators 10 years my senior hadn't learned! So on a good day, minus the backdated orders from engineering(*pricks).I can single handedly belt out approximately 23 sheets or various gauges and lenghts(*some sheets contain 1-100 parts, also add in chipping off the remnent slag.)All why merrily smoking and drinking my coffee:P

Yesterday was an ass of a Monday.Friday I find out I have an ear infection, get the meds. My doctor notices a blemish on my face. Got it from making my ex a uber huge friggin cd wall unit(*that held 2700 cds. Gauge can attest to it:P). Long story short. I got clocked in the face with a piece of wood from the saw! Removed some wood, and thought nothing of it. 3 years later, it still hadn't healed. So yesterday, I got my face numbed and a 3mm chunk of skin removed, also the same depth. The doctor wasn't sure if it was a cyst from left over wood particles or something else(*the sample showed high signs of severe scarring)? And cancer has a high tendency to run in my family. So I'm pretty much freaking out right now. The doctor said that worse case, that if it were cancer. I would have a 1 1/2- 2 scar, from the right side of my nose to the middle of my cheek. Not something I particularly want to hear on a Monday:( And not before my 34th!I find the results out on Thursday:(

My first therapy session went well today. ADHD was ruled out.But PTS(post traumatic stress) was a high possibility?! Next session is in two weeks.I actually look forward to it.I get 52 scheduled visits a year thru my insurance with a 15 dollar co-pay. Decent I guess.

     2007-01-04 14:54:54 ET
What's worse then trying to recoup from a 4 day Christmas holiday? Working 3 whole days, then have an additional 3 off for New Years! And feeling more lax then usual. Then a peep at the calendar, and low and behold. The next holiday off is in May!

Throw in the fact, that I have been training on ESAB Plasma torches(* 3 whole days of training).The current operator of the machine is about as clueless as a blindman deciding to buy a 42 in plasma tv!!!! No manuals are available for the machine either. 6 months of traing ahead. 79 percent of parts in the factory are done on my burner(torch). More then 3/4 of them are fuckered up even before I get the orders, due to data entry of the metals drafts and thicknesses.Enter the said info. Watch the pretty shiny lite cut up to 2 inch thick metal, have a smoke, scratch self, drink coffee. Next order. Me wonders if the torch can be programed to the crusts off my pb and j sandwiches?

My new hand tat is healing nicely(pic on my myspace profile).

Other then that...Eh! Not impressed with "07" so far......
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 Meh........    2006-12-21 15:40:51 ET
One more day till a full 4 days of fucking off! The last few days have sucked balls. I've been hit with every utility bill possible before Christmas!!! Shopping has been at a minimal this year. I couldn't even afford too send out Christmas cards(*sorry guys!).

My middle brother whom I haven't seen in 6 years is suppose to be coming out to visit for Christmas. He's in the Ft.Collins, Colorado area visitng his girlfriend. News reports estimate that 2 feet of snow fell yesterday. And the Denver airport is beyond snowed in. There's a possibility that he may not even make it out this year:( Everywhere is getting snow, except the part of Iowa I live in(pricks!).I would rather him be safe then stuck in a blizzard!!!

My roomie got fired from the job I got him, which makes me look like an ass. He got fired for missing to many days. Too many days of screwing around with his ex, that severely raked him over the coals(*some people must frolic in the abuse?). Hence him not paying me rent, and owing me 350 bucks.I would have been nice to at least send everyone something small with that money.He came home last week, called his mom. And haven't seen him since.WTF???? His mom called me. I told her he should at least have the balls to let me know what's up! I would rather know, then not know. Am to the point of being pissed. And just changing the locks. Tired of dealing with this crap.

Next week at work I start my 6 month training on ASAB and plasma torches. I started at a level 7 worker, and am moving up to a 5:), and it includes a higher raise at my year review in March.

Another season minus a significant other! 6 in a row. Should I go for lucky number 7? Nah! This year the memories of missed ones seems to be hitting harder too home. Like I've said a dozen times. This year needs to be over ........

     2006-12-15 23:00:06 ET
The "MAN"(*aka~The IRS,aka~Monetary bloodsuckers!)finally contacted me again.After redoing my 03 taxes a second time, I get this nice letter saying,"You only need to fill out taxes once for any given year." What a nice after thought, since your organization requested that I re-do them a second time! This time the bill says I owe them, 6 grand instead of 14. And that I can magically write them a check or money order for the amount. If you look closely in any 1040 tax book. They will give you an explainantion on paying back taxes owed. Suggesting you either borrow the money, or take out a mortgage on your property to pay them! First off...Let me get that 6 grand for you , by squeezing some blood outta of a rock, or perhaps removing the trove of hidden greenbacks from my cat's sphincter! Then again. Maybe I could apply for a mortgage with severely bad credit, and have the inquriy count against me once again, and you could take even more points off my credit report? And of course....All this before Christmas!

     2006-12-10 07:49:51 ET
Survived last nites company X-mas party. I decided not to drink anything at all(*we had to pay for alki!)Just wasn't in the mood to be happy or jolly. I wondered how I survived that one. I pretty much can't stand most of my co-workers. Let alone see them at a company function! I think I would have rather slit my wrists open with a dull spork, then listen to people karoke country music all nite long(*eyes roll back exorcist style.). But it was free, didn't have to cook. And it got me outta the house. First time out of the house in a month or so.

Just waiting for it to snow damn it. Last time this year, it was! Stupid eco-system!Meh.......

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