Dec 1st..............................    2006-12-01 19:38:30 ET
Tuesday was installation of fuel pump number 4!!!! Four fuckin pumps! It began on a trip back from Des Moines, my vehicle died horendously! Replaced the fuel filter(*I always go from the cheapest, to the utmost expensive!)Got a second hand pump from a wrecking yard(1). Didn't work. Bought a new one, installed it(2). Worked a week, then died. An 80 dollar tow a block and a half. Got another. This time it came with an upgraded wiring harness, due to the oem harness failing.Dropped the tank, installed another. The sensor on top of the new one dropped off while attaching the harness(3). Took it back. Waited this following Tuesday to pick up a new one. The roomie and a friend installed it, and used dialectic gell on the electrical connections(*pump 4 , not including the origional). *Knock on wood, so far so good! I so need to go to town to x-mas shop. But I have to regain faith in my vehicle for traveling distances! If it broke down away from home, I may as well leave it where she lays!

Next Sat is our companies X-mas party! Didn't know if I wanted to attend. Not like I can stand most of my jobs employees! I don't go huntin or fishin, or give two rats asses about sports!But free food and booze are always welcome:P

Another year minus a significant other during the holidays. That makes 7 in a row!On a better note. My middle brother may be coming to visit for the holidays. Haven't seen him in 6 years(*talk frequently though). That ought to be good:)

Coffee and shower time, with a head shaving beforehand.......

 T-day    2006-11-23 17:36:40 ET
A high of 55 today, and a low right now of 31. What do you do when you live in a town of around and have nothing to do after having t-day at your friends parents house(minus your friend who's with his fiance in Des Moines?). Shlept up to K-mart and bought,"The Shadow of the Colossus" for my PS2. Buurnt thru 4 other games in the last 3 months. Figured it would keep me busy during the snowy season.

Was suppose to make an appoint to remove the stitches from my hand this week. Decided I had enough tools around the house, too pick them out myself! Did it with the kneecap, why not the hand?

Three more days off, with little side projects in mind to do about the house. Once again. Minus the cash to do it! Figures....

The vehcle is up and running again. 378 bucks later!

Scrounged up enough for taxes(for this 6 month period). Haven't grocery shopped in 6 weeks. Usually I'm too tired to even eat that much anymore. Too much going on in the noggin to even breathe at times!

Had an offer from a female friend to fly me too Cali for Christmas. I declined. Didn't want a repeat of my last visit. 3 weeks of spending time alone. When i could very well do that alone here, with the cats!



 Monday.....    2006-11-13 14:12:16 ET
A secondary diagnostic today with a pressure gage, pinpointed the problem. Need to return the second hand fuel pump. And buy the nice 378 dollar one!Figures! And on a Monday as well! Pricks!!!!

Doing some design work on my next set of ink projects. I have narrowed down my knuckles to two phrases:P I am debating on getting double ink on the didgets?! One phrase on the upper knuckles, and one on the lower set:) Why not! I get odd enough looks with full sleeves anyways. Plus I don't work with the public. Eh! Might as well get what I want done, before I get any older:P And look back and think..."Fuck me! I should have done that!"

Today was about stooping 7 hours over a mill that's a piece of shite. And milling down R&D's pet projects. Almost fell asleep milling 50,000 of an inch off a 48 degree angle. Masterbating would have probaly been more fun! Anyhow...Still mulling if I want to go to my companies X-mas party. Do I really want to see the same people on my day off? And hear about fishing, hunting, sports, and general idle crap I have no interest in?

 Last week......    2006-11-05 03:12:03 ET
So my 610 dollars in fines are paid! No wonder they have been revamping downtown as of late. Should have put a note on the final payment," Funds for policemans ball!". And had someone call me up to let me know that my name was in the local paper, for paying off my fines! Imagine what it would say in the paper if I got road head from some county officals daughter!

My Jimmy(vehicle. you sick pervs!)is still down:( Replaced the fuel filter, and dropped the gas tank and installed a new fuel pump.Still a no go. Now have to get it towed 45 miles to town and get a computer diagnostic on it. More then likely is a relay or something elctronic. What happened to the good ole days, when you actually had fuel tank filters and solenoides on the firewalls of a vehicle? So much easier to work on.

Still scrambling about to get property taxes paid and done. If I wouldn't of had the fines. This cluster would be done!

Don't you hate how Mc.Gringos food gives you an upset stomach? *Scares cat away.....Anyhow........

Occupational therapy is still the same. found out I only have 18lbs of pressure in my index and thumb! And they have narrowed the injury down to ...
a)Calcified fluid---English terms. When my hand got trapped between the two cylinders. The pressure squeezed the fluids out of the second finger joint and knuckle. Into one lump, in the base of my finger. Hence the painful feeling I get often that's reminiscent of touching live electrical wires!

b)A ripped or pinched tendon.From left index finger-down to wrist area.

If severe enough. Surgery would be the next step. The downfall. There would be a 70% chance of me loosing my entire sensation of feeling and touch in that hand(left). Also I wouldn't be able to grasp things,make a fist, etc etc.... A loppy fucking hand! Just give me something like a Nintendo power glove with a universal remote or something! Better yet! I'll take a cyborg hand or something equivalent, where I can lift cars and stuff(*job security.)

 Lack of service......    2006-10-14 17:45:16 ET
The weather here has been quite askew over the last few days.Ranging from the low 30's in the daytime, to snow flurries, to about 11 degrees with the windchill thrown in. Lovely weather indeed. Usually that starts the middle of next month. Farmers have already started to harvest last week. So I'm guessing it's gonna be a long cold Winter this year.

Somewhere in the multitude of wiring arteries that dot this countries servers and Lan's and Wan's. Our area had a break. Meaning no internet, phone or cable for the last 4 days almost. Phones and cable are up again. But connecting to Yahoo and other yahoo related sites have been imposible. Upon calling the cable company, I find out that I'm not the only one complaining about my providers service! Pricks.....

Monday I have to back to the hospital again for a work related injury.Some arsehole dropped a 200lb cylinder on my hand and trapped it betwween another 200lb cylinder. Causing severe contusions to my knuckle and finger joint! The bruisings gone. But the finger is lumpy and very much tender. Once again.....PRICKS.......

Think I'll go and kill something on my PS2 for awhile, as not to dwell on it......
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