Taxes part 3.........    2006-07-27 11:51:16 ET
Called the IRS(Austin branch), and got the kindest sounding person to speak with on the phone. The type of kindness that perpetuates an odd feeling just before your hamstrings are severed with a serated knife! A mellow,"We'll help you work it out!" just before you keel over into a slump from a coranary.

According to the Vampires(aka the IRS). I still owe them just over 9 grand, plus an additional 3300 in penalties. And have to once again refile my 2003 tax forms! I had mentioned to the voice on the phone that when I filed I hadn't had all my information, and have some items not added(aka as medical and a fat hefty dental bill in tune too 11 grand!) If I would have put this on my forms, they still would have raised an eyebrow, and would have ended up owing me! The voice said it was okay to recalculate. Spiffy. So now it a war of phone tag, documentation, keeping a tighter track on whom I speak too, jotting more notes down, playing the role of the senile bastard who has to have everyone he speaks to purposely repeat things, so more and even more notes can be taken.

Called a recomended lawyer before the nervous dive into my conversation with the vampires. They said they'd have to look at the paperwork to give me an answer. The cost? 100 bucks an hour, and a 300 dollar retainer! Seriously. If I had that type of green laying about, I'd get hammered and spend it on lap dances. A little expensive for just about living in pleasentville/ mayberry.

The sun still swelters.112 today. 123 in the factory. No wonder I've lost 13 lbs in the last month........

 Taxes part 2    2006-07-22 09:13:33 ET
Taking a break from rumaging thru boxes looking for my tax stuff(*keep them in binders by year). Got laundry done, so I wouldn't stink at work. Like it matters some times, since I work with burly redneck types. Imagine the cast of the HBO tv series,"OZ". And then give them access to power tools and welding equipment, and you got my job! Eh.......

Haven't really eaten since Thursday, or really slept for that matter.I so don't want to loose my house, I've been breaking my back for, for the last 7 years!!! If I were ever at the point of having a nervous break down, it would be at this moment in time:(

Today must have been,"Be nice too inked folk day.", or something? I usually get scowled at profusely from the local for having almost all of my 42 tats exposed. I didn't get leered at, at the laundry mat. Same went for the thrift store I usually wander while waiting for my clothing to dry.

Should I go to a movie by myself. Or get blatently drunk tonight. Either way. It'll be a solo project, as per usual....*sighs....

 Taxes.....................    2006-07-21 21:27:54 ET
Today started out as a regular Friday! Got home. And had to schlep up to the post office for a letter. Come too find out once again. The IRS wasn't satisfied with my 2003 tax statement I sent in:( They say I now owe them an excess of almost 14,000 dollars, plus penalties! Does it ever fucking stop? Where the fuck am I going to come up with that amount?????? I'm already on an extremely tight budget! I should just be fucking medicated..........

     2006-06-06 17:55:37 ET
At the end of this week I should technically have my 90 day review! Notice the technically part. Our supervisors made a trip to the John Deere factory too see how their operations run. I've always believed that happy and content employees were overall more productive? Let's see how they decide to rearrange the factory. They've already taken away our radios. Let's see what else happens!

As for my injury a few weeks back(at work). Got a metal shard the size of a zippo flint in my eye at work. The left eye has pretty much stopped itching for now. Still having semi flashbacks of them inserting a swab a 1/2 inch into my eye socket, then encircling the eyeball. Felt like a cat's sandpapery tongue licking the eyeball:P

My doorstop of a cat is finally at the house. He freaked out when I let him out of his carrier. He hid in his litterbox for a few hours before he decided it was safe. He has still yet to venture upstairs without me carrying him. Lazy bastard!!!

 Week.....    2006-05-18 17:50:41 ET
Today was another swapmed day at the factory! Just when you and crew finish around 400 parts before lunch. In comes 11 carts full of asap parts! Well...If they we so asap fucker. Wouldn't you have delivered them at the 5 am starting time? These parts range from 3/4 x 3/4(jolly rancher size)x100. To 100 lbs plus. So each one has be marked out individually! Then a butt load of wheel lugs came in. Fucked up part is the dude who torched them left a shit load of steel flash on them. So I got a nifty pair of earplugs too tune out the rest of the world today, and buzzed away stripping the flash with a tungsteon carbide tipped rotary die grinder.The joys of being a fabricator/machinest!

Since I can buy any type of steel at cost. Thinking of designing a suit of armour for the house. But in the same instance. When do I have time?
At least tomorrow is Friday/payday:)

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