This week..............    2006-04-28 20:31:26 ET
Week 7 at my machinest/fabrication job. Quit the telemarketing job Tuesday afternnon. Couldn't even stand being in a 50 ft radius of the building. Like polyester. It made my skin crawl just dwelling on it!

Found out this week, that I can buy any type of metal(v-shaped, tubular, or sheet,(*up to 4 inches thick) etc etc...)for 8 cents a pound! And even use the machines at work on my free time, to work on projects cleared by managers:)So now I'm thinking of designing a full wrought iron fence, complete with entry way trellis(8ft) for the house. 4ft high in the front, and 6 ft high in the back. Just need to get more interior work done first.And a mig welder.Thing that sucks is...The tax return is all going towards property taxes:( But since my property has been re-evaluated as a single dwelling home and not a multi dwelling one. Taxes next year should be cheaper:)

Still debating what to get inked on my knuckles. Have about 50 or so catch four letter,two word phrases written down.

Getting ticked at growing my hair back! I so just wanna shave it all off again!!!!Meh...........

     2006-03-25 07:25:01 ET
The life of a Machinest never ends! Got the job and started last Thursday. My average start time is between 4 and 6am(*depending on orders), and ends at 2:30pm. I hit my second job at 5pm-9pm now(*less telemarketing makes a happy Skav)

I love working with my hands. Always have!Plus the fact that everyone I work with is pretty cool. Though I get odd stares due too the ink. Had 3 people this week ask how long I was in for(jail). Messed with their heads, and said I didn't do any time. Cause smart people don't get caught! That raised some dubious eyebrows:)

     2006-03-18 12:59:36 ET
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 This week in a nutshell................................    2006-03-18 12:36:31 ET
Just woke up to a splitting headache!!!! Fucking missed work, slept thru both alarm clocks. Didn't have anything too drink last night. Besides a few sodas. Guess it was just my bodies way of saying your tired ,you stinking dolt!!!

Last night while dialing out. It must of been the season or a full moon. Every loopy freak must have been answering their phone!!! While being monitored by the bigwigs. I had this one guy posed as his deceased wife!!! I know I have my weird and odd moments! Have a little more respect for the dead!!!! Would have had 6 transfers last night. But due to our dialer being faster than our work stations. A big friggin nil on my part.

Did my secondary interview for the machinest position. I'm not the brightest star when it comes too math and measurements! But I made myself some flash cards, to practice with. Call it elementary but it worked like a charm!I spent 20 minutes prepping with a supervisor, prior to my walk thru the factory again. Met up with the day shift shop steward. Spent an hour measuring things. I spent the previous week, measuring 16ths, 32nds and 64ths, as well as 144ths. To my hapiness I was only tested on 16ths. My last measurement of the test was a sheared machine bolt. The bossman wanted the diameter of the bolt. Measured it. It was 5/16ths, But told him it was actually a 1/4 bolt. He looked at me, shook his head....And told me to go inside and let's get me a job:) Next week I have a physical and a drug not. Both which aren't a problem. While I slowly ween my way into my new position, I will still telemarket to try and earn some extra money to contnue working on the house!!!! I feel it in me, the thoughts and ideas bubbling daily about finishing my house!

Been listening to one particular Vac track off of Church of Acid. It reminds me of how I have felt for quite awhile now! The track.."We have to see, we have to know." It has this haunting echoing reverb in the background that sounds like someone screaming in complete anguish! The feeling of someones inner self colapsing from exhaustion, dismay, self loathing, broken dreams and hopes. More over complete dispair of anything that may have been, or what may be!!! Imagine someone with so many thoughts and emotions of all sorts flowing all at once, that they completely implode!Sometimes while zoning at my current job waiting to receive a call. I try imagine what it would have been like, not to have experienced some of the things that I have(ie:not being there at all.).The majority of those thoughts and experiences, I know I could have done without. And then I take a step further and delve deeper, on how I would have turned out. Or would I have turned out at all? Stupid me and my fucking thought processes!!!!

 Monday con't..........    2006-03-13 18:52:44 ET
After posting some shorts replys on my last entry. I got a call back from the interview I went too today. Apparently the gentleman who interviewed me, and the first shift manager. Think that moving materials, is way beneath me! So they were talking about either starting me on, drill presses, plasma cutters, or the spray booths! If I drop another 20lbs, I can relive Christian Bale's role as the Machinest!!! So they're putting together a proposal for me for first shift, including pay. And are contacting me by 10 am ish tomorrow:)That means less telemarketing!!!!!!

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