Monday    2006-03-12 00:40:48 ET
Monday is the last day of my bi-weekly three day weekends. And also a day for my interview with another company. You can laugh at this one all you like! But I have an interview with a company that makes garbage trucks. Filled an application for this job about 3 months ago. And I get a call the other day from the head bigwig of the company(* not HR personal). He liked my resume. And want's to have a one on one interview with me. I asked him what the job would entail. He said, he wanted to see what his company could offer me, and what I could offer his company! And that we'd talk about it on Monday. Starting wage is almost thirteen an hour, plus full benefeits,401k, etc etc.If it all works out and seems reasonable, I may take it. And keep my telemarketing job as a part time job, too save some money for the house!

Just need to find a good woman to share it with!

 Work.......    2006-03-09 21:19:07 ET
Last week in one of our tiers at work. We were told we had to rebuttle twice. Fucking sucks trying to rebuttle a veteran, the elderly and those who are ineligible for what we offer insurance wise from banks! Fucking retarded if you ask me! What do you expect too gain from rebuttling those who are more then covered due to serving their country, and those who can not afford this product. And even worse..... Those that have been completely hounded to death due to bad dispositioning!!!! The answer is nil!!!! But yet we are still pushed at work too do so! People get aggitated, us telemarketers get just as agitated as you do! How many dialects can you be told to fuck off in. And not have a persoanl 10 minute tourettes fit on break in the parking lot??? Just a word too those you may receive future calls from telemarketers. Like me. They struggle from day to day making ends meet as best as possible! It's not the fanciest of jobs, but it gets us by. And no!! We don't get anything if were move a product! We do like it when people are friendly, and do tell us straight out that they are not interested! We may rebuttle you cause we have too, but honestly don't want too! Being nice goes alot further. Thank god this is only a temporary job!!!

 House colours....    2006-03-06 22:13:43 ET
Been doing research in my spare time. Collecting about 500 or so pics of remodeled and professionally painted Victorian houses(*not the painted ladies of Frisco fame!)And I have come to the conclusion, that I will probaly. When I get to that stage. Paint the house in mottled subdued colours!!! Reading various articles from worldwide historical societies, and books galore. Many authors have shown dismay at the use of vibrant and semi pastel colours. That's good. Cause there's no fucking way, my casa is going to be painted in pastel colours!!!

-- Lighter coloured Victorian houses were more widely seen in country settings, to disern them from the terrain. Complete white houses with monochrome trim were more widely seen after World War 1.

--Subdued colours were used in rural and city areas due to the high content of ash from wood and coal burning of that time period.I guess it showed less on darker subdued colours?!

--The most popular colours for the main body of a house were...
Indian red(redish brown)
Mineral green(like an olive drab, but more brown then grey)
Van Dyke brown(a chocolate like brown with ocre thrown in.)
Ocre(A putrid sickly yellowish mottled green)
Burnt sienna(rusty brown)
Sepia(yellowish brown. like old photos)

--Popular trim colours are as follows....
Blue black(nuff said!)
Golden rod(a rich golden rusty yellow)
Prussian blue(Almost a navy blue with more black.)
Dull red
Brown madder
Citrine(green orange)
Burnt umber(reddish orange)
Venitian red
Van Dyke brown(see above)
Bright red
Gamborge(brownish black, with a hint of white.)
Green(blue-black & yellow oche)
Stone yellow(greyish yellow)

--Wood trim colours. Having all natural wood is pretty much a 20th century thing! Most was painted to hide the wood joints, and imperfections of building materials!

Common wood(interior trim) paint colours for the period are.....

Pale stone grey
Peacock blue(prussian blue &yellow ochre with a hint of black)
Burnt sienna & yellow ochre mixed with a hint of white
Greenish drab(with a hint of vermillion)
Venetian red(with a hint of vermillion)
Light drab green
Cobolt(with a tinge of black)
Van dyke brown(with a hint of citrine or grey).

So many subdued colours. So little time!


 tired...................    2006-03-02 21:51:02 ET
Survived another night of telemarketing! The last two hours till 11pm are the hardest push of the night shift! Besides the odd comments of people I speak too asking me if I actually live in the USA, And fluently speak English! My replys are yes and another yes!!!! Do I solicit? Proudly and unabashed I say..."Yes! I do!" Had to remove my postings off of due to a nosy somebody at work reporting me. And having a head supervisor tell me five times that my postings were seen! Not like I mentioned whom I work for, or mentioned names! But still. I want too try to be at peace, minus the the drama that's sure to ensue! My back aches, throat dry and horse, fingers and ears sore from the tappity tap tap of the keyboard. Eyes hurt from the poor refresh rate of work's monitors! Where's callgon when you need it? Where's that good loving hug, and the whisper of a significant other telling you that your okay and for the most part safe? That would be a big fucking negative, nil, zip, nada! One can only have dreams what it is like to once be a whole human being again. I guess that why we dream? It is the only thing some of us can afford mentally and emotionally!!!! Time for grub, and a lonesome slumber......

 Eh.........    2006-02-07 23:26:42 ET
Today x me x my mood = Blah..............

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