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Monday, January 23, 2006

Thoughts....Part 1

So today's topic on the drive to Ft.Dodge market was....Would you rather be blind or deaf?

Well there are pros and cons I guess.Like having one foot. Unfortunately you'd still have to pay full price for a pair of shoes. And hopefully you'd have to find someone with the same shoe size, and the opposite foot missing! Then your shoes would be half price!

If you were deaf. You couldn't enjoy your favourite genre of music. I'm sure if you were at a concert, you could read the lips of other fans to see what set was being played? Now if you were having sex, do you sign that your reaching orgasm? Or play along with it? What if you really suck at sex, and you make a mistake and the person yells at you to get the fuck off . And you perceive that as an orgasm?What the fuck do you do? Besides get a boot to the head! I guess it would be cool, Cause you can't hear whining significant others. And if you made a horiffic mistake at work. You could sign or write on a slip of paper.."I didn't hear you!" But I guess not being able to hear someone say they love you(without reading their lips.) would be the worst!!!

Now if you were blind. You could always say.."I don't see your point!". So my socks don't match.....Fuck off! Does Hustler come in braile? Feeling everything with your hands would feel odd I guess. What if you heard a sweet voice, felt the persons face and other regions..And then laughed! Would you get beaten with your walking stick? What if your seeing eye dog had a personal vendetta against you? You yourself couldn't prove it. Now could you! If you take your seeing eye dog into a store, swing him overhead in a circular arc..Are you really looking around the store? Do people with severe acne count as braile? Not seeing your surrounding world would suck. Nor seeing a sunset or a sunrise. Not being able to see the seasons transverse into the next would blow! Biggest drawback would be not seeing the person you love, hearing their voice, but not being able to see them utter those words!

Guess I was Thinking about a friend I use to do estate auctions with that was deaf! He was super mellow. But extremely obnoxious:) Wonder how he's doing?


Why do farts smell?

A: So deaf people can appreciate them!


 Eh!    2006-01-27 07:58:51 ET
Friday today. Not much going on. Roomies at work, then to the airport, and onto Cali(* So jonesing for Del Taco or Weinerschnitsel!). I wish him a safe journey.

Been in one of those funk moods for months now.I guess you could call it depression. It's not a sad depression nor one of anger. Just a depressions that makes you feel numb,cynical and just...Eh! Where food, and beverage and just about most things sound good. But when it comes down to it, it just isn't. Maybe it's stress looking for a job, so I can get bills paid, work more on the house, and maybe. Just maybe have a couple extra bucks left over to buy myself something small. Maybe I am stuck on the fact, that my birthday is in 12 days. And I know, it'll be like the last five or so...Alone! Working and alone. I really don't want to be more of a recluse than I already am! Just seems to be working out that way! Another factor is this equation is being single. Today is 1 year and 52 days. Second longest jaunt without a significant someone in my life. And getting the occasional jab to the ribs from my last ex on, really doesn't help matters much! I should just break down and get a mail order bride or something. The thought has crossed my mind from time to time!

Better go get lunch and some medication. So I get rid of this flu I've had for 3 weeks.

 Jobs    2006-01-26 21:02:34 ET
So I had a job for a few days. Wait. Not a job, but drudgery in the making! I had applied for all these jobs at a local workforce. Most jobs listed were for slaughter houses and meat packing plants! And I get a call back for a construction job that is 8 miles from home.Being a plumber by trade, I am stoked! Well I was. Until I found out the job was building hog confinements! A hog confinement is where they put piglets in. It's kinda like a cage, with a gate on one side and a feeder on the other. And above the cage there are proteins and chemicals they give the pigs intraveniously, so they are healthy and disease free. Now imagine 40 of these set ups per room x 20 rooms. With each pig producing 5 to 10 piglets. And also on the property was the slaughter house. So I can work and think of BLT'S all day....not! Now picture this. Laying on a creeper and having to bolt the metal platforms together, that are encrusted with pig feces, umbilical cords, bile, afterbirth and other stuff.....Crusted to the metal grating! Imagine myself weighing 155lbs, and lifting these plates with another worker. Plates weighing in at just over 310lbs, and crusted! To make a short story even shorter.....I quit after the third day! Got a bad sinus infection from what I was working in, with the flu on top of it. Not fucking smurfy at all!

This Monday I start a new job. A telemarketing job. Not the greatest. But at least I am indoors. Pay is alright with bonuses and benefeits, and is 2 blocks from the house. At least it'll be some money right? I am not the phone chatty type of person at all!

     2006-01-26 20:29:58 ET
Okay! I are alive and kicking. And trying to use to the wind and cold out here! Then again. When your room is on the second floor, the wind sounds twice as loud:P Or was that a mouse fart? Eh...........

 Some found things....    2005-07-27 03:40:36 ET
So scavaging around the house...You find all sorts of neat things.But! You always have to look very carefully! Let's see..Found some childrens Victorian belt buckles, a photo from the 20's, a kick ass vintage Montain dew bottle from the early 60's, some origional oak hewn pillars from part of a porch section that was closed off years ago. And the hunt continues...Just waiting to find that odd looking lump in the wallspace..pick it up...and hope for it to be a kick ass coin of some sort! Hey! A skav can always wish.....

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