Checks.....    2005-07-19 07:21:50 ET
What the fuck is this shite all about? Out here people write checks for stupid shite like fast food and gum. Hardly any stores out here accept debit or visa...WTF!!!!!!

 New house.....    2005-07-18 14:26:33 ET
*Raises paw......I are alive and kicking! Appologies for the lapse in communication to everyone!

Azmodan and myself made it safely to Iowa. After a brief visit in Davenport, Iowa..We moved further towards the midwest. Carroll Iowa to be exact. And so far it's been great! Found a beauty of a house..Though she needs work..She is well worth the effort!

Here's a breakdown on what she(the house).

- Built in 1902(architecture denotes it being older.)
-1/4 acre lot
-2 story
-Origionally it was a group of 7 apartments with 9 bathrooms(but that will change soon.)
-Front doors are 9 ft 10 and made of walnut(with all original bronze door knobs and hinges).
- Front porch is approximately 405 sq ft, wrap around of course.
-12ft valted ceilings with origional plaster freize work and inlays
-origional oak staircase(Eastlake style).
- A secondary rear staircase.
-Angular fireplace in the soon to be study room.
-5 room basement(approximately 1200 sq ft), with vintage coal chute:)
-Full walk up attic(approximately 1000 sq ft), with upstairs a/c and bathroom.
- 1st and 2nd floors total about 2,895 sq ft.
-All new ducting with new a/c-heater unit.

And the list goes on.......

Azmodan, my friend Colin and myself have been working on the kitchen currently,a hallway and two bathrooms so far. So our work is far from over:P Everyday we find something new, or something fucked up the previous owners had done to the house. But overall. We are busy fuckers:P

Will try too post some pics as soon as possible.....

 6 Days and counting........    2005-05-03 07:53:04 ET
Yup! Six days or so, and were outta here! Got the u-haul on hold. Been taking mondo ammounts of stuff to storage. Been realizing how 3 generations of shite can pile up!!!!!

It's weird. Cause as a kid, I grew up in this townhouse. Spending many summers swimming at the beach, going to Disneyland, playing with my G.I Joe's and Transformers, without a care in the world! Now, I'm selling it. And getting the fuck out of dodge! At least I'm leaving before hurricaine season:P But I look at it this way. I'm totally not happy here in the suburbs(between Miami and Ft. Lick-my-nuts). And I don't think the relatives that have passed from this world, would really care. Just as long as I am happy. That would matter to them the most! Plus it sold really quick, and for a good price. So a double bonus.

Back to packing and transporting stuff......

     2005-05-03 07:43:53 ET
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     2005-04-30 17:28:29 ET
Picked up the new New Order album "Waiting for the sirens call". I actually like it! Very similar to their album Technique. Nice, smooth, understandable, but yet similar verses equivalent to "1963". In the manner of pleading, regret, and second chances!!! So I fucking liked it!

Got the storage unit today. Our number is unit "C666". Un-fucking-canny! I asked the storage people if unit "1313" was taken. They just scowled at me!

10 more days till we are outta here! Friday was my last day with the blood suckers I called a job! Fucking fuckers........Nuff said......

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