31 days to go......    2005-04-08 16:49:05 ET
So yeah.....Another Friday zoning in front of the flat screen! No bother really! Not that the money is plentiful enough to go out or anything!

This week was a cluster fuck at work! 6 people layed off on Monday, plus one more supervisor gone! Today was just as smurfy! Love those heart wrenching speeches given by your boss who's a complete and utter tool! Apparently he got demoted to supervisor from project manager. Now some other dim witted fart knocker is taking his place,arrogent, cocky and basically a prick with no field work experience what so ever! So today 18 more people were suppose to be let go! But of course....None of our management ever follows through with a fucking thing! The crew breaks down like this: 15 porters, 12 painters, 2 dry wallers,0 electricians, 2 plumbers, 6 carpenters, 9 guys for punch lists,4 guys to install appliances, 1 tool supervisor, 1 cock snot of a head supervisor, 1 ass backwards regional manager, 9 cleaners, 2 people to watch supplies and inventory, 1 rich nephew of the owner-his dorky annoying cousin(1)and 2 of his friends that don't do shite(*3 of the above have been fired 4 times each!) Yeah! Disfunctional is used very loosely! In fact 72% of our crew are inter-related(*cousins, brothers, fathers, uncles, sons, etc etc!)Nepitism at it's finest!!!!

Caring at work is not really on my agenda any more. I'll be gone in three weeks or so! 31 days till were gone from here! My father once said,"You find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and sphylis!". Just biding my time as each days dawns and sets!

Soon! Very soon..........

Oh yeah! Our company is being sued by a tenant. They are suing the property managemment company. And suing our company, over a unit that was inheirited from other contractors! Now to get that fucking cherry on top of that sundae.............

 news....    2005-04-04 17:22:15 ET
Theopen house went superly well. Got a kcik ass offer..Decided to take it, now comes all the paper shuffling, and notions of packing up stuff:)

A fresh start. Hopefully less hurt. Less being extremely depressed?!

So my fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly.....

     2005-03-28 15:24:53 ET
Today was nice at work. 5 people fired and 10 layed off! Unfortunately I wasn't one of them!

Have the openhouse this weekend for the townhouse. AZ and I have been busy as mo-fo's, getting last minute things done, here and there!

Just out of curiosity, does anyone on SK. Live in ,or know of anyone who lives in the Des Moines or Davenport area? Have some questions that I can't seem to find answers for online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

 Eh....part-2......    2005-03-24 16:52:05 ET
So what can we conclude from this week? Besides it being just as ass , as the previous one. Get back to ya, when I have a better answer in my cranium(*It's probaly filed under useless fucking inane facts somewhere!).

I think the highlight of my week, is re-shaving the head!*Pat's own back.

Also this week... A combination of....Depressed, thinking, depressed, sleeping, depressed, wanting to chop someone's head off with a machete(* That cuts down on at least 10 lbs or so, while disposing of the body:P), depressed and so forth! This week I felt like a ping pong table on tilt! Some minor stress doesn't help the circumstances at all!

Posted a new pic in my gallery. Taking pictures while at work, somehow calms me a bit. Maybe it's not because I am thinking while pic taking.Eh......


 Eh........    2005-03-19 13:36:42 ET
Added a new picture to my title page, just wanted a bit of a change! Got tired of the multi coloured one...bleh......Yes! I even have my new shaved head in the pic:P

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been going through some tuff things lately. Dealing with the stress and crapola at work doesn't help things in the least! Nor does dealing with all the loose ends on trying to gussy up the homestead to sell it. And the last thing of stress is the EX! Besides numerous calls randomly, and emails, and more emails on myspace.com from her! I am just a gnat's hair from pretty much loosing my shit 360 degrees:(. Hence the lack of being online too much and such.

I know I know.....Bad bad Skav.....

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