Accident    2005-03-01 14:17:01 ET
Just waiting for paint to dry on some stepping stones, I found at work. Sounds niffty-roo? It's about as thrilling as old people fucking! And that's slow......

There was an accident at work today. No! Someone at work didn't gain intellegence points and move up a level. About 9am this morning, retrieveing some plumbing parts for the next job on my ever growing list.A co-worker and I, heard a thunderous crash. Peered out from the parts container. Looked around. Then looked straight ahead, and saw an SUV, flipped on it's roof. For a brief second, everything just froze. Then I ran over to the SUV, wheels still spinning, glass strewn about, and the smell on heated vehicular fluids.We looked for some sort of movement on the driver's side. None. Moved over to the passenger side, and saw the driver trying to claw his way out. My friend motioned him, to get back. I gave the window a kick. Unfortunately it was safety glass and tinted. So I kicked it again, and shattered it completely. Helped the guy to his feet. He lit a cigarette, and walked over to the curb, and sat waiting for the the paramedics and police. No words were exchanged....I was like WTF!!!! Aparently an F-250 hit this Isuzu Rodeo in the quarterpanel just right and flipped it. The driver of the F-250 was going 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. People are just wankers at times....Why do I even bother. At least I felt, that I did something good today.

 Blah.......    2005-02-28 15:29:39 ET
Drinking cider once again! Alone in the garage. Blah!

Things that come to mind today........

1)Never moon a werewolf.

2)Never play leap frog with unicorns.

3)Your enemies worst weapon is their imagination.

4)Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

5)When in doubt, Fuck it!

6)If it's to good to be true, it probaly is.

7)Bro's before ho's.

8)The rich bleed just like everyone else!

9)If it looks like shit, smells like shit, it probaly is shit!

10)Never date a best friend's ex.

11)Never bring a knife, to a gun fight.

12)Always wear clean underwear.

13)This is my last cigarette. Before my next!

14)I was thinking of a number. And that number is,"Fuck you!"

15)It's easy to be mean, nasty and manipulative.But it's hard to be loving, kind and tolerent!

I'm sure there are more....

*Steps off of soapbox.......

     2005-02-27 15:43:08 ET
The cell phone is up once again:), paid the entire bill, so I'm close to broke now! At least, I can talk now, besides on the phone at home.So call away....

     2005-02-27 13:37:16 ET
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     2005-02-26 06:43:51 ET
What to do today.....Hmmmmmm...Overslept cause I needed it badly.Thinking of doing some small repairs on the houses exterior. And going through the garage, and boxing up stuff to be donated.Atleast that will keep me distracted today.

It overcast outside, and just needs to rain.

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