Thanxs Demonix.......    2005-02-25 20:40:23 ET
do you...
1. Smoke? Yes.
2. If yes, what? Full flavoured cowboy killers.
3. Do drugs? Nope.
3. Drive? Nah! I friggin walk 50 miles to work!
4. If yes, what kind of car? Chevy s-10
5. Sleep with stuffed animals? Kinda.
6. Have a crush? Yes.
6. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No.
7. Have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes.
8. If yes, what is it?Jump into my head and find out. Chainsaws are optional.
9. Play an instrument? Yes.
10. Believe there is life on other planets? Yes.
11. Believe in alien abduction? Where was I yesterday......
12. Believe the Roswell story? Every story has it's truths...
13. Believe in any conspiracies? *Looks over shoulder...
14. If so, which ones? If I tell you,a star gets put next to my name on the,"List".
15. Remember your first love? Unfortunately!
16. Still love him/her? That's a big fucking negative!
17. Read the newspaper? Sometimes. I mainly like the crossword puzzles.
18. Read any news magazines or political journals? No.
19. Have any gay or lesbian friends? About half my friends are either.
20. Believe in miracles? Pay my bills, and send me the woman of my dreams, and I may start believeing!!!
21. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Yes.
22. Consider yourself tolerant of others? I haven't killed anyone yet. Have I?
23. Consider police a friend or foe? Did you say Bacon instead of sizzilene? Porkers come in two varieties...Good porker/Bad porker.
24. Ever been arrested? No
25. If yes, what for? But I am listed, due to my ink work. In Riverside's gang memeber crime book. Pics and all.
26. Like the taste of alcohol? Sometimes.
27. Have a favorite Stooge? I like them all!
28. Believe in Astrology? Somewhat. Weird how it sometimes is factual!
29. Believe in magic? Yes.
30. Believe in God? No!!!!
31. Pray? No
32. Go to church? No
33. Have any secrets? Maybe....
34. Did you do well in school? Graduatedwith 35 extra credits. And have 172 college credits!
35. Go to or plan to go acting school? No
36. Have sex right now? Nope! I wish I did!
37. How many partners in your lifetime? 37
38. Wear hats? Yes. Want me to wear the hockey mask while we do it?
39. Have a horny spot? Hands and head:P
40. Have a best friend? Yes
41. Like your handwriting? You need a codebreaker to decyper mine!
42. Have a traditional or Roth IRA? Nope.
43. Have any bad habits? Picks nose....
44. If yes, what are they? Picks nose more, Bites fingernails. What was the question?
45. Care about looks? Yes. Atleast I am honest about that reply!
46. Believe in Satan? Why does satan have a goat head! Goats are not menacing....Check this out..."S-S-S-A-A-A-T-A-AN-Does that sound evil? Satan should be a tooth gnashing badger!!!
47. Believe in ghosts? Yes.
48. Believe in Santa? Sure. Think of him as more of a spirit. Let me ask you this....Do you believe in Black Pete?
49. Believe in the Easter Bunny? He left me something on my porch last year:( Took amonia and brush to remove it!
50. Believe in the Tooth Fairy? No
51. Own Backstreet Boys CD's? No sir! No Back-door-boys cd's in my collection.
52. Trust others easily? So so....
53. Like sarcasm? Fuck yeah:)
54. Take walks in the rain?Yes.
55. Think the Mariners should try hard to re-sign Brett Boone? Who gives a flying fart!!!
56. Kiss with your eyes closed? Sometimes.
57. Sing in the shower? Negative.
58. Own handcuffs? At one time. But now I own..Pinwheels, flogs, paddles...I better stop!
59. Have dialup or DSL? DSL
60. Have a question that is really sticking in your craw, but are too embarrassed to ask about because you're afraid you'll look like an ass?Not off the top of my head.......

 10 odd(*for me) things borrowed from Winter:)    2005-02-25 20:08:21 ET
1)I got kicked out of Target for opening a dozen Barbie and Ken doll boxes, and creating an orgy.

2)In my free time. I counseled children at schools for drug abuse, Basically parents trying the drugs on the kids first, before embing them.And I also use to dress up in character outfits, and do the same thing.

3)At a taping of the tv show,"Singled Out." I got asked to open up the show with an introduction. They said they liked my style...Mohawk and all.But I refused, because they wouldn't let me wear my leather jacket with barbie heads.

4)The same taping I told Jenny McCarthy she had a moustache. And the photo layout of her in Playboy wasn't shit, Because I only read Playboy for the articles and humour..Not enough pink!

5)Told a chic to get the fuck out of my bed, because I'm not into the use of teeth on certain body parts.Told her if she wanted something to gnaw on on, I'd get her a bone!

6)I am officially banned from a Nordstrom's in Southern California. I got caught having sex on the escalator,while on the way back down. As security ushered us in front of the Lancome counter on the first popped out! Right in front of all the Lancome female employees! All I could do was smile, wave, and scatch myself:)

7)Met Drew Carey while at a taping of,"Whose line is it anyways.".We chated. He said he liked my fire engine red hawk, and invited me to another taping the next night, in the vip section.I attened:)

8)I have never done any type of drugs in my entire life. Except for prescribed stuff by doctors.

9)I have enough social security points amassed, to collect retirement now. Had the full points 3 years ago. Been working since I was 13 1/2.But the amount I would receive isn't shit!!!!

10) I have no toe joints what so ever! And was born without wisdom teeth or secondary adult teeth, and was also born missing 4 teeth. So I guess I am a mutant after all:P

     2005-02-25 10:35:36 ET

You are a Radical. Right on!

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 Fuck Friday's too...........    2005-02-25 10:27:19 ET
The ex left abit ago.

Last night they had problems finding a place, so they crashed here. I know it was wrong. But if someone needs a place to crash, I can't deny, someone who traveled 1400 miles. Call me a sap.

Talked with her about, alot of stuff last night.Also this morning.Helped her pack her stuff into her father's truck. Her mom was pushy, but I knew she would be. When it was time to say goodbye, Both of us lost our shit and started balling:(, The last part fucked me up. And still am a bit fucked up now!All congested and sniffly still!

Today is a zoning day........:(

     2005-02-23 17:38:22 ET
Boring boring!!!!! You know your bored when you think about past failed relationships....all of them! While doing laundry.

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