Part 1......    2005-02-23 14:36:44 ET
Just got a call from the ex! She is just past South of the Border(North Carolina/ South Carolina border). She says she should be in the area, tommorrow evening sometime, and come by my house Friday morning. Odd thing is, she was friendly and nice! WTF.......

     2005-02-22 15:45:35 ET
We need to come up with a new online survey thingy, with less repetative boring questions!!!! Something new with life!!! Any suggestions?

 The call....................    2005-02-21 17:37:12 ET
Since I forgot to pay my cell phone cell phone! And since my ex, completely killed the battery in my home phone, limited phone now! So I just got fucking yelled at, and as usual with her, couldn't get a word in! She has this way of trying to be over alpha. To the point where you want to vomit chunks! I was trying to explain, to her, that I would need to know a guesstimate of when she would arrive, so I could help load her step father's truck up! Just trying to be aimable and nice, even though I don't wanna be!!!!Then I get told, that I am being a prick!!! Why? For wanting to help? Then I get asked, to leave the front door open....Yeah! Right! You stupid twat!!!! Az had a good idea. Call the sheriff, and have them stop by to moderate what goes on. Just to cover my ass! At first I thought this might have a hint of smoothness in it! But of course, it doesn't:(...FUCK....I need a super duper huge physical hug.......................................................

     2005-02-21 13:19:27 ET
Two days till the twat ex arrives to pick up her shit, With her mother in tow! Should go smooth hopefully?!

Kept to myself at work again. Started at 6:50am-5:15pm. Just took my list of things to do and did them. No help. No talking to any other co-worker. No hassles. No bothers. Just did my shit, and left work.I had two things on my mind all day, music and thinking about a house.Yup!Things that get you through the day.Drove home listening to FLA-Millenium album for the umptenth time. But that's okay. I consider it mood music for traffic and what not.Feels good to be home, shoes kicked off, and quiet. until tomorrow.

 Borrowed from Demonix.....    2005-02-20 12:57:59 ET
What Time is it? 5:26 p.m EST.
2. What is your full name? Are you a stalker?
3. Single or taken? Single
4. What does your name mean? Bright and famed.
5. Who picked out your name? It was my father's and grandfathers',as well as my great grandfathers..Talk about monotny!
6. What's your nickname? Bob, Hey you!,Savage, Skav, Non-white boy.
7. what color is your hair? Auborn with semi silver temples.
8. What colour are your eyes? Grey.
9. Do you have an innie or an outie? Innie.
10. What size are your shoes? 10 1/2-11(depends on shoe)
11. How tall (or short) are you? 5'10"
12. Honestly what do you like about yourself? Sarcasm
14. What do you always get complimented on? No idea! I don't get compliments that often. They are so few and far between!
15. What is your worst quality? Can be compulsive with certain sexual acts:P
16. Phone Number? You are a stalker aren't you?
18. Hair colour? see above
19. Do you wear contacts? no
20. Living Arrangements? Live with the roomie.

21. Favourite Drink? Sweet tea.
22. Favourite alcholic Drink? Irish coffee
23. Favourite month? None
24. Favourite Food? Potatoes...What do ya expect from an Irishman?
26. favourite Web Site? None
27. Favorite clothing Brand? Whatever is on sale, cheap and durable!
28. Favourite day of the Year? None
29. Favourite colour? Plaid
30. Favourite Animal? Not particular.
31. Do you have more girl or boy friends? About even.
32. Who's your best friend? Az, Colin and my brother John.
33. Are your parents together?I only have a mom left:(
34. How often do you get together with the family? Never
35. Do you tell your parents or your friends more? friends
36. Anything special about your parents? My mother and stepfather met accidently on the phone,started exchanging Blondie and ABBA albums. Decided to meet. So my stepfather came over from England, married my mom after 6 months. They would have been married 25 years this may:(
37. Siblings and their ages? Two step brothers 34 and 37.

38. You're a flirt? Not lately. Am I?
39. You're slutty? I can be! Wanna see my undies?
40. You shave? You weren't specific!
41. You like someone? I like a few people..*grins.....
42. Do you keep secrets? yes
43. You dance in front of the mirror? question.
44. You've watched a porno? Sure. Almost was in one, when I was in high school.
45. You sing in the shower? And cats in heat sound lovely!
46. You liked Britney Spears? Her butt maybe. I want fries with that shake:P
47. You've liked a cousin? Never met them.
48. You've been in the opposite sexes bathroom? Stumbling drunk of course.
49. You've seriously hurt someone? Yes
50. You've been hurt seriously? Both physically and mentally.
51. You swear? Does a bear wipe his furry asshole in the woods!Ha ha ha ha...
52. You get your way? At Burger King! When they don't fuck up the order!!!!
53. You're willing to try new things? Depends on situation.
54. You've cheated on a test? Nope!
55.You've smoked? Want a cowboy killer?
56.Are you a virgin? Someone needs to come up with some anti high school questions fast!!!!

57. What are you wearing? Wife beater, Doc's and cut off shorts...
58. What colour are your pants? Camo
59. What are you listening to? Heavy Water Factory and Cyberaktif.
60. how are you feeling? Eh!!!!
61. What are you doing? Taking a break from doing outside work.
62. What are you eating? Boogers with salt! Just kidding. Or am I?
63. How many people are online? On my block, down the street. This state?
64. How's the weather? Overcast, turning into partly shitty cool night, then tomorrow a completely shitty Monday!
65. What's on your mouse pad? I don't have one. I just have a plywood pc desk!So I'll say a knot hole:P
67. What books are you reading? Stiff.


88. What was the last movie you saw in theatres? I forget.....
89. What did you have for dinner? Left over pork fried rice.
90. What are you hoping for? To have a better job, where I can enjoy life a bit, A new house, and maybe a significant other?
91. Have you ever fallen asleep in school? Yup!
92. What movie do you really want to see? *shrugs....
94. What is your locker combo? *smacks you with lock and chain for being a doofus!
95. Where is your favourite place to travel? *shrugs...
96. What did you last dream about? I have Oliver North syndrome!
97. What was the last thing you ate? (see above)
98. If you were a crayon what colour would you be? Nipple pink:P
99. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My friend in Iowa.
100. Do you like the person that sent this to you? Hands Demonix a smoke!
101. Last movie you watched? Ray.
102. Ever had a crush on a teacher? Yeah! She use to be a Bunny cocktail waitress, in a Playboy bar in Aspen:)
103. Are you too shy to ask someone out? Yes.
104. Scary movies or happy ending? Scary movies
105. Summer or winter?I know winter:)
106. Relationships or one night stands? Relationships.
107. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla.
108. Do you want your friends to write back? Sure
109. Who is most likely to respond? No idea.
110. Who is least likely to respond? My cat. He's sleeping!
111. What did you do last night? Ate chinese, watched Ray.
112. What is you biggest fantasy for life, that you think could actually happen? A fruitful kinky sex life, a drop dead gorgeous wife, a house and 3 or 4 kids:)
113. Anything else you want to add? My balls itch!
114. What time is it now? 5:45pm EST


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