Anyone want a Skav?    2005-02-19 13:14:57 ET

How to make a Skav

3 parts anger

1 part silliness

1 part empathy
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of emotion and a pinch of salt. Yum!

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 Borrowed from excessive......    2005-02-19 09:17:52 ET
1. What does your Subkultures nickname mean?
There was a time, when I was just about homeless(*and needed money!). And took up the hobby of collecting scrap metal from dumpsters and what not.Along my collecting route, I met many cool homeless folk, and spent many hours shooting the shit with them, and drinking.Some of the homeless people called me a scavenger, cause I could find just about anything and everything. And had places to sell the stuff I found.

2. Elaborate on your avatar?
I'm not a photohgenic person, nor have I ever been.Just happened to like how that pic came out.

3. Who introduced Subkultures to you?
Azmodan. He twisted my paw, and said I should give the site a try.

4. How many pictures do you have in your galleries?
6 or 7 I think.

5. What's your current status?
Besides single? Breathing, drinking coffee with a smoke.Waiting for laundry to be done.Just waiting for all the pieces of things to fall in place,before I make my next move.

6. What are you wearing right now?
T-shirt, shorts, my dumpy old man shoes, as I call them.Oh yeah! And no underwear of course:P

7. What is life to you?
Enjoying what surroundings I have about me, going with the flow, friends, family, good music and food.

8. What is love to you?
Falling in love with someone special.And no matter how long you are with that person, and no matter how much you or they may change.You still think of them in your head and heart, as the moment you first met them!!!

9. What do you hate most?
Monday's, lack of money, polyester, new scrathcy clothing, I could go on for hours......

10. What do you love most?
Besides plaid! Lots of things and people:)

11. What makes you happy?
Good sex and a cigarette afterwards,Hot showers, massages,meeting people I click with, random phone calls from friends,when I have someone in my life that doesn't take me for granted!

12. Are you musically inclined?
Kind of. I can play the drums, the snare drum and steel drums.

13. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found out that the person you love most doesn't exist?
Seriously! Loose my shit big time. Ever heard of the word postal?

14. If you could go back in time, and change ONE thing, what would you change?
Spend more time with my father, and go on a trip somewhere.

15. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day, what will you be?
A bird I guess. So I could shit on expensive cars and laugh!

16. Ever had a near death experience?
Pretty damn close. Have had lot's of OBE experiences,,,

17. Name ONE obvious quality you have.
Humour and sarcasm..Shit! That's two......

18. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
Times Change~~New Order.

19. Are you happy today?
Define happy?

20. Who will cut and paste this first?
Whomever is bored, and needssomethingto do I guess?

     2005-02-19 08:46:58 ET
Just finished moving all my ex's stuff from the attic, and other various places. Have to pack a few more things.She is suppose to come down late Thursday or early Friday, with her mom in tow! Spiffy situation as usual! I am hoping, no extra people show up to help her. Since she has a lot of contacts on, that reside down here. The end of a week is suppose to be a good thing, not something you cringe to! I just want to be done with the whole ordeal, and move on as peacefully as possible. Get this odd mojo, that has been hanging around since she left, gone!!!

     2005-02-16 14:10:24 ET
Come to find out today. My Aunt that I dislike, had all the paper work that I needed . Now my other aunt, said she had talked to my first aunt, and said they had spoken about refinancing my dad's place. Which in essence means, I sign it over to them:(, My rent would drop, but they could choose to boot me, whenever they wanted too!I am just so fucking livid right now!!!A beer and a fucking massage is so needed right now!I have to see her on Friday, and talk to the mortgage company to see what's up. I was right...shit never ends!

     2005-02-15 17:34:33 ET
Just pondering how to make about four grand quickly!That is all I need to catch up on rent till April, finish the house and proper paperwork, and be gone out of this state!

Tomorrow, I am going to see my aunt(*Who's a twat), and were going to sit down, and look at my father's mortgage, and talk to Well's Fargo about loan counseling. Fuck counseling. I just want to sell the place and move forward, not stay here!!! And I have told her that,but she speaks to me as if I were of her students(*She's a principal),,,*rolls eyes! So dealing with her after work tomorrow should be a treat!

Yesterday was ass! As is most Monday's. Everyone at work was in a mood. Especially me.Till I got a cool text message from a friend, it made the day better!!!!At about the time I drifted off, I get a call on my cell....My ex:(, wishing me a happy V-day, the last thing I needed.My mom also sent some pics of my stepfather just before his passing, they arrived yesterday as well..Talk about a fucking kick to the groin!!!!

The computer I have is acting bat shit like. So Az is going to have to, re-format my entire drive.Maybe it will be happier? Something good has to happen this year.....Just something.....

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