16 days and counting...........    2005-04-24 05:56:21 ET
Yes sir! 16 days to go! Trying to pack those bags, and cut all the excess that hangs outside the edges of the bags! Meaning, making sure everything is nice and spiffy before venturing to the mid-west.

Turned down the second raise they offered me at work in the last week! Laughed at them, told them I had to get back to work, and laughed some more! Told them I would only accept it for retro back pay in addition, to the raise. Their mouths dropped! Fuck them in their gaping neck holes!Fuck them silly ......period! I so could of used the raise, before the SUV got reposessed, Amongest other things!!!! Seriously..Why wait till you have the notion that I am resigning, to make me an offer? It is rumoured that the crew is upset with management for treating me like shit! Hence another reason I am leaving. The crew as a whole feels that the job site will basically fall apart without me being there! And they are right!!! I don't bitch at fixing things for people, so they can finish a job! I bitch, cause management does everything ass backwards. That and lack of parts that are greatly needed!If your going to do any job, wheather it is a sanitation worker or a jizz mopper in an adult theatre, always do your best. Do you best and not a half assed job!!! Another supervisor resigned when he heard I was leaving. Also a few other crew members and some sub-contractors are waiting for me to resign, so they can do the same!So this week at work should be quite interesting. Let's see how many crew members are left by this upcoming Friday? We are already down to 23 members, from 55!!! Come on Monday........bring it on mother fucker........

Therapy went well this week. Talked about future family plans and children. Freaked out the shrink. Told him I was moving. He agreed with me.I MEAN....I don't have a significant other in my life, Have relatives who never call unless they need something,my job sucks! He said he'd move, if the situation were similar in his life! Asked if I had a jobout there. I told him, a trade such as plumbing will always have a job somewhere. He also agreed with that one!

Just counting down the hours and days, till were outta here....

     2005-04-17 13:14:28 ET
Had four inspectors here Sat prior to therapy.
One for the roof. One for a termite inspection. One for square footage. And the grand-daddy of all cock-holsters, the main inspector. Oh yes! The prospective buyers mother, who spoke minimal english! All here at once.

Roof--Went shitty. Was told that I need a new roof! The roof was re-singled about 6 years ago. Then I am told that some of the galvanized nails are rusted. To my knowledge that usually happens when exposed to elements!And stuff like extreme sun, rain and hurricaines! I am then pulled aside with AZ, and the mother saying the roof needs repair in 3-5 years. But written on the paper work it says the roof will last 0-1 year.

Termite inspection- We have some in the wood fascia near the roof. So if I want to get it tented, the whole block needs to be done. Cause the townhouses are attached. But that gentleman was nice.

Measuring guys- Just were in my fucking way.

Head inspector---Was beyond nit picky on stuff! Like when he wrote up my personal sink for not haing a drain stopper!Though I showed him later that the stopper was clearly there on the sink counter top! Other things were stuff about code. That the average home owner wouldn't know dick about! He was a dickhead and a half!!!!!

The mother---All these inspectors were bombarding her with what they found.I'm sure it made a spiffy impression!

Yeah! Thrilling weekend....NOT!!!!


     2005-04-16 07:15:22 ET
An hour or so before therapy! Hope this session goes well?

     2005-04-11 15:39:34 ET
Monday...the root of all evil, like polyester...Sucks big time!

9 people fired today...That makes me the only plumber on site. So my total list went from 5 jobs today, to 13. And no parts! Only 4 jobs got done. It's not like I can magically pull an assitant out of asshole or something! Would be a neat trick wouldn't it though? *Ponders...Extra pay!

     2005-04-08 17:02:45 ET
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