The week in a nutshell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,    2006-10-01 08:22:06 ET
It's windy today. So it's sure to reek havoc with my sinus issues.

Anyhow......Got the 2nd draft of my 2003 taxes out "AGAIN" on Monday. Sent them prioroity to cover my ass, and make some poor bastard sign for them. Spent 8 hours with a friends dad preparing them. Pretty much tore apart my catch all room, looking for anything that I could deduct! Cut the total in half. Let's hope they accept it this time. If not. I have to get a lawyer then:(

Got an extension on my traffic fines. Already paid 90 bucks on one. And paid an additional 250 bucks Friday on another. Still have 220 bucks to go. No wonder this town seems to be getting fancier and fancier as the days follow!

Property taxes are still due! Been scraping and pretty much scraping to the bone! To get the monies needed! Am halfway there. Only half!

Had my old cell phone company send me to collections this week too! Fuck them, and the horse they rode in on! All I use my old phone for now is phone numbers and a secondary alarm clock! Meh........

Had a run in with a co-worker this week. A alpha reeking testosterone freak! Tried to get the department to let me update/rewrite their info books as too make them more legible! Cause frankly they are a site for sore eyes! Was told by Mr.testosterone that I didn't know shit! Told him that I didn't recognize his tile, or recognizes him period! And therefore....He should "Lick me where I pee(*a nice way of saying..."BLOW ME!)!" Sure I got bastard points/a frowny face for that one! Oh welll...........

Just tired of people's shite in general. Tired of most things......

 6 days....................    2006-09-22 22:41:45 ET
It's 2:22am central time. 34 degrees outside. Sitting here pondering how my new job went this week. Besides being thrown into a cluster and a half or remodeling the new department and still managing to have time to complete the install of 5 full hydrolic systems in 25 yard packers, kind of amazes me!

Our parts range from itty bitty to 650lb cylinders(*imagine a 650 truck shock , with a diameter of over 25 inches across).Items up to 150lbs are carried by cart, then hand lifted onto the trucks. Anything else is lifted via cranes.Have wondered this week if a Mech could be built with the parts:P(*wouldn't that be the shite?). I a still a trainee in this department. That's okay though.I just think of my work as exterior plumbing on a truck:)Almost a no brainer job. But I still have to get use to my surroundings once again.

Have to work day number 6 in a row today. I was askd by a lead manager to help my old department catch up on drilling.All overtime today(*pats own back!)Then again 3/4 of yesterday was overtime too! That's 15 hours of ot, with a regular 40 hrs thrown in.

The 6 month review went well. Got a 94 out 100.And my raise was the equivelent of my first one:)That puts me at almost 11 an hour. Plus I get a pay grade increase from jumping from a level 6, to a level 4(which I haven't gotten yet.).And an additional review in 6 months for the new department. So work is going just fine.

Finishing up the rewrite of the 2003 taxes this weekend. Paying bills as per usual. Everything is going about as okay as possible.The depression and lonliness factor still lingers. but then again what else is new about that!?

Time to get ready for work now........

 6 months.....    2006-09-06 15:11:13 ET
Next is my 6 month review.Yippee friggin do! I have this illustrious inbreaded troglodyte that I have the pleasure of training. Due to two co-workers on sick leave(co-worker-1-brain tumor. co-worker-2-probs with pacemaker).So they assign Homer Simpsons live stand in to help/train him.

I get questions like this all day....

---Do I change the drill bit when I change parts?
---I don't see any measurements on the metal part? Do I just drill it?

And the inane questions ensue, pretty much all day long! I muster every ounce of my being not to take this doofuses head. Smack it with a ball pean hammer, and squash what marbles rattle around that big void of his head under a 20 ton hydralic press! My boss asks what I think of my new co-worker.Told him I wasn't a baby sitter, and that I am tempted to smack my own head on a metal counter top just to make the bleating,moronic questions go away!!!!

Court last week was a joke! Pleaded guilty on the first two tickets. And ended up speaking with the district attorney about the repeat ticket(duplicate). Which eneded up with my vehicle getting sniffed by a K-9 unit. He was a complete tool and a half! He blabbed on how an officer has up to 12 months to rewrite a ticket(vehicle make and year was wrong on ticket).And the repeat ticket for the same offense(3 day period)would not be dropped! Told him I didn't know they taught officers forgery while training them, and if so was it an aquired skill. Smiled at him and thanked him for his non-help! Thinking I will be labeling my checks under the title "POLICESMANS BALL.".

Been highly irritable,mopey and tired the past few weeks. This year just needs to end.....

 This year just needs too end.......    2006-08-13 03:55:36 ET
Found out this week. That the person I'm buying my washer and dryer from wants the rest of the money by the end of August. Due to her relatives wanting to sell her grandmother's house, and put her in a retirement home!

Transfered my laundry to the dryer(in laundry mat), went to pay a bill. Then on my way into the laundry mat parking lot. I get pulled over by officer friendly. So I get two traffic violations. One for 380 bucks(expired tags) and a second one for not having my vehicle registration(Couldn't find it in my vehicle!) for an additional 90 bucks!

Property taxes are due next month.

And I found out yesterday, some "A_ _ HOLE HEAD!" Threw a rock thru one of my upstairs windows, and broke a storm window!

About the only thing that is going well is work currently! Which is magically pathetic........

 Taxes part 4....    2006-08-06 01:18:41 ET
Last Sunday I scurried about looking online for some resources concerning back taxes. Found some interesting stuff. Entered my phone number and email addie to a couple of places that say they offer" tax stress relief". Out of 10, only 2 called(great odds!) The first one never called back. The second one answered some great questions I had. I know for a fact, that I have to re-submit my 2003 taxes again. The second tax consultant said the worst case scenario was, I could file a Oic(offer in compromise = a financial hardship), which would cost about 1500-1800 for a complete.."I don't have to deal with the IRS crap!" Things are pretty tight as it is. Paying off bills. Trying to get a washer and dryer paid for(*so I don't to pay 60 bucks + in excess for monthly laundry), that a friend has on hold for me, and so forth!

And secondly. The random sounds of metal scrapping on the upstairs floor, when everyone is downstairs watching tv. Not to be outdone by a few pull chain lites going on and off by themselves... Where's Calgon when ya need it most?

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