Success    2003-05-30 11:38:09 ET
I will be resuming my show for sure next week. I've already ran a broadcast today and have a lot to do, so no 5pm show today. I have to track down titles to some mislabled mp3s befor I can post today's playlist, that is if I post it at all.



5F_55 - 4D61 6B72 6F62 6E69 6B
Ammo - Yellow Gas (Silk Saw mix)
F/A/V - Fruende Am Verzweifeln
Skinny Puppy - Hexonxonx
Download - Mothersonne (Newt rmx)
Imminent Starvation - Even Stars
Monolith - Nomad
Architect - demom track 2
I, Parasite - Piety
B-TON-K - The Master
The Klink - In Your Mind
Pzycho Bitch - Eden
HMB - Night Vision
Einsturzende Neubauten - Letztes Biest (am himmel)
Juno Reactor - Nitrogen part 2
Implant - Impact
The Delta - Stand By
Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator

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 Radio    2003-05-30 10:19:54 ET
I'm back. Now to proceed with my evil plans.

     2003-05-30 09:18:58 ET
Quick. Someone click on the radio.

 Mystery    2003-05-29 22:37:22 ET
Hmmmmm...I would love to test out my live365 software, but it seems some crazy person who is playing sleepy ambient stuff has hijacked the radio. No one is scheduled and no one is in chat aside from the omni-present Lore and Paperdoll, and neither are talking

     2003-05-27 22:52:16 ET
Bleh. Tomorrow is day three of the new-fangled four-day work week. I'm already sick of it. Between having to grab Tri-met at times that get me to work a half hour too early or 5+ minutes late and feeling like I now spend too much of my day there I'm starting to feel 100% burnt out. It's not a good thing to start fantasizing about being fired.

Came home from the show tonight to find Soccerballs under the porch and very unhappy about it. Good thing I came home after the show. He got his canned cat food for the night and everything is better.

So much toast that's so ready for bed.


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