But I like the strange kitten quiz.    2003-06-06 22:49:46 ET
Sorry, I couldn't resit. Too cute.

I am a giant mutant kitten. Not strange at all.

Which cute or possibly strange kitten are you?
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 Hot    2003-06-06 16:45:59 ET
I'm home late after running around town today. I heard it hit around 103 downtown today; I have yet to confirm that. I might forgo any show because it's so hot and I'd rather not have the machine on. Maybe I'll broadcast after I run to Fred Myers for a fan. Cross your fingers I don't have a sunburn in spite of the SPF 45 I was wearing.

     2003-06-06 09:15:49 ET
I had problems at three in the morning trying to get my mp3 encoding software to work. I don't think it was recognizing the F drive that is my audio cd drive. Instead it insists on reading the G drive that is the DVD player. I think it's all a matter of me configuring drives but not being computer savvy someone is going to have to hold my hand and help me with it. So no new stuff got ripped last night. I went to bed tired, hot, and frustrated. I wanted to play my favorite track off of Back and Forth vol 6. *big sigh*

I need to get ready for the day and go get paid. I'll be home in time for my broadcast.

     2003-06-06 01:32:02 ET
I'm glad to say that I did not spend all of my cash tonight on beer because Voodoo Donuts is now open. I couldn't resist it; I ate my breakfast just a moment ago. They were out of plain glazed but had coffee glazed instead. Just a hint of coffee with the first bite, after that it's just sticky fresh donut goodness. And I can have this any time of the day or night when I happen to be downtown.

I'm so tired after what is now yesterday, but so wound up at the same time. POW was fun aside from the catfish that hit my knees as Mac Jesus was being boosted up on to the bar next to me so he could harass the announcer in the balcony above my head. I'm just thankful I didn't get it in the face. I only got a small amount of fish gut on me.

Maybe no to little sleep tonight, must rip mp3s.

Here's a link to an article on POW, some good pics of the gore match I experienced last April:


 Be careful what you wish for.    2003-06-05 18:47:59 ET
I have officially joined the ranks of the unemployed. Partially out of choice, I had to choose between being laid off today or being on two weeks probation with a possible firing if I fucked up even once. So which looks better on an app, fired or laid off? It's for the better; I've been excessively burnt out on work lately and feel I need to take some time off to get my head back together. I'll coast for a little while on unemployment and foodstamps (if I can get 'em), maybe sign up for bartending classes, and try not to worry about money. Maybe I'll find some supplemental under-the-table work. Or...maybe I'll just cave and go work for Ozone UK if they can use me right now. Either way this may be a blessing. Maybe I'll eventually score a job with *gasp* insurance.

POW tonight at the Ash Street Saloon. Yay! I'm so glad they have a new venue after Satyricon closed.

Radio show tomorrow @ 5pm PST...be there or be square...


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