2003-05-24 00:36:07 ET
Now I can say I have seen Covenant. The Paris Theater was hotter than hell, or at least close to it. I'm sorry to say that I missed Melotron due to being temporarily waylaid by one Mr. DB Cooper at the Shanghai Tunnel. Covenant does indeed resemble a boy band.

It's been a busy couple of days for me. I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep. Last night I attended John Graham's surprise b-day party, which started at My Father's Place, moved to Nocturnal, and ended at the Sandy Jug. The night before that I was being introduced to Produce Row's taps and after that kicking it at Yur's.

It's almost 3 am, my ass is dragging and I have one more day of work before my one day off this week. Off to bed.

 Back to the mines.    2003-05-20 21:29:33 ET
I don't want to go to work tomorrow. This five-day weekend was much needed. It felt nice today to not be chained to the store for once, break out of my routine. I rode the Max downtown, got some cash, dropped off my ballot, and mailed a small parcel to my friend in Indiana. After that I walked up to Whole Foods and found some muchables. And then walked to the north park blocks and had a small picnic with curried potatoes. Since I had some groceries I had to come home after that. That's my excitement.

Yuck, tomorrow is the first of the 9+ hour days for me at 3 Monkeys. I hope I can handle it. I foresee working in Wear just so I get enough human interaction. Customers don't count. My manager said something about having me in there once a week to work on the computer. What I'd be doing to the computer is a mystery.

T-? days until I have my new system and I will be able to have my show again. Soon, my pretties, soon...

 Shopping List    2003-05-19 08:52:35 ET
ATX 0201-B Mid 350W Black 50.00
Logitech Black Optical USB 15.00
Mitsumi Black 1.44M 3.5in FD 12.00
Samsung Black Combo 52W/24Rw/52R/16R 85.00
ASUS A7N8X nForce2-ST A+L 115.00
AMD Athlon XP 2600+ OEM 159.00
Thermaltake Volcano 9 22.00
Arctic Silver 3 Thermal Interface Compound 8.00
512MB DDR SDRAM PC2700 67.00
Western Digital 80GB 8MB Cache DMA100 7200rpm 105.00
Vantec Stealth Fan 9.00
Vantec Stealth Fan 9.00
100ft Twisted Pair CAT5E 14.00
D-Link 4port 10/100 Cable/DSL Router 49.00
Altec Lansing AVS500W Black Speakers 41.00
Streamzap Computer Remote Cont 39.00
Keytronic Black PS2 Keyboard 16.00
Total 815.00


     2003-05-18 15:33:25 ET
What an odd night… I had fun at Flux but wanted to leave early due to feeling generally burnt out by 12:30. Josh reminded me that it was his birthday and told me that he wanted me to stick around. So I did. We hung out with Tj and his lovely girlfriend, Emily, afterwards. Between being out past my bedtime, the drink, and the smoke, I was beyond trashed by the time Emily gave us a ride back to my place. Josh was a gentleman and didn't attempt to take advantage of my highly inebriated state. I don't think I would have let him anyhow.

We woke up today; both of us feeling a little hung over. We got to talk this morning about some of our issues. I did get a chance to make it clear that we would not be getting back together anytime soon but we should remain friends. We both admit to still caring about each other so why kill our friendship. Kind of a crappy birthday present I know. I did let him borrow Choke and Spirited Away and gave him back some miscellaneous stuff of his that's been hanging around the house since he moved out.

I'm to meet with him tomorrow around five to go buy computer parts. I need to get my 15" monitor back from Scooter sometime over the next few days. I should be up and running on my own system by the end of the week possibly.

More things to do:
-buy chewy cat food for Soccerballs
-look into a plane ticket to Az
-go down to the library and start studying for my GED

     2003-05-16 18:55:41 ET
Level is a beautiful venue for Devorzhum. I hope the event survives. It has a lot going for it after it's move from Satyricon. Decent sound system for one...Everyone should save their money and not go to Embers at least once a month just to support this night instead. Embers will survive one bad night a month, Dorvozhum won't because it gets just one. I hate that Thursday has always been a bad club night around here. RIP: Thursdays at Hamburger Mary's and Sanctuary at Moody's/ the Tonic Lounge.

Once again waiting for phone calls that may never happen. Breaking into the rum out of bordom and watching Serial Mom.

I got accepted for a Master Card. Looks like I get to go shopping for the makings for a new computer. On live365 again by June?

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