2002-07-02 20:51:50 ET
Let's just leave this as my official statement that I'm currently not happy with my country's government:


WTF! This makes me sad. :-(

 With a Big Toothless Grin...    2002-06-30 19:05:01 ET
Saturday came and went. I of course made lots of $$$$ for my boss. The highlight of the day was when this retarded man came into my work. He was really twisted looking like he may have had cerebral palsy. He looked around the store for a moment then came back to the front. He said something pretty much unintelligible to my co-worker Jessica. And to me, he turned, smiled, and gave the big thumbs up. Not one tooth in the man's head...

     2002-06-28 22:53:03 ET
Oh yeah, I forgot it is Friday night and warm. It's been a rainy today but it has kind of tapered off. It hasn't kept the drunken morons from coming out in full force tonight. I just heard my first "woooo" of the night drift into my fifth floor window from 21st Ave.

 Nothing At All    2002-06-28 21:59:30 ET
Today is my Sunday and in honor of that fact I did absolutely nothing. It felt good not to put on shoes and have to mingle with the rest of the world.

Photoshop has been down this week so I haven't been able to resize new pics for my gallery. But now it's fixed and soon there will be new fun pictures. (considers subkultures donation for more gallery space)

 Show #7 Playlist    2002-06-27 14:25:46 ET
The Klinik - Recognition (long version)
Click Click – Shadow Black
Fluke – Slid (Glid)
Implant – Frequency III
Attrition – The Mercy Machine (remix)
KMFDM – Help Us, Save Us, Take Us away
Haujobb – Eye Over You
The Dust Brothers – Single Serving Jack
HMB – Everything
Silke Bischoff – Felix in the Sky
Clear Vision – Revenge (original demo)
B-TON-K – Lower You!
Kalte Farben – Drywet
Skinny Puppy – Manwhole/Icebreaker
Soma – Amphibious Premonitions Bureau
YelworC – Sacred City (extended version)
Forma Tadre – Celebrate the Cult
Das Ich – bin ich es denn…(dem ich den traum)
Pigface – Go!
:w: - Bunker Gate 7 (german texture)
Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod (redline/whiteline version)
Butthole Surfers – I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas

Until next week…
God, dog, sex, death, life…

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