Syko Radio    2002-06-27 11:53:38 ET
I'm on in less than five minutes. Tune in!
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 It's Friday for Meeeeeeee!    2002-06-26 19:35:17 ET
I'm getting ready to go to Embers for the 80's/Goth/Industrial night. The music is almost never good, old over-played crap is what is mainly spun. But lots of my friends and acquaintances go, and the rev and I get special treatment from the bartender.

Gotta run...

 A Response for Bio from a Thread (amended)    2002-06-25 19:00:14 ET
My reason for doing drugs: the experience. Itís neither a good nor a bad reason.

Like many other people before me, I have been drawn to psychedelics in the pursuit of an expanded consciousness, to see things our human minds possibly ignore. I do not see what I have done in the past as simply ďa good timeĒ.

I do refuse to do any hard drug (i.e.: anything that addicts the mind and body) and I donít condone the use of anything that destroys and wastes the body. Junkies and meth-heads are not a pretty sight and are less than trustworthy.

I do not believe that all drug users are idiots. Without heroin the world would have never had the writings of William S. Burroughs, without LSD a lot of progressive music would be missing (no early Pink Floyd and the Beatles would have never composed Sgt. Pepper). Long-term marihuana use has not affected my motherís ability to be a great phlebotomist. But, I feel that if a person is a dumb looser to start with they will be more so on drugs. People should always educate themselves about the possible consequences of drugs before using them.

In the long run, drugs are not for everyone. But please think before you use any substance.

 My little sis in Iowa    2002-06-23 19:56:41 ET
"the CD of your shows is great! I guess i can play it on my computers media player...i didn't know i could, but i can...yay!
I haven't listened to them all yet, but my favorites so far are...
Big Black-The Model [and Index's version too], Free to wear black--its funny!!
VAC-Mental Depression, Destroy Mass Media, Skinny Puppy-Burnt With Water...
So yea, awesome, i love it!

Anyway, thanks again ::grin::
I'll talk to you later
Love you,

I gave her a disk containing shows 3, 4, 5, and some extra stuff. I think the avi file of Arsenic smashing emo scumm to :W: got on that disk too.

Heh, she likes Kompressor.
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 Forgotten Entries...    2002-06-23 19:22:08 ET
Wednesday: broke down and went to Embers for 80's/Goth/Industrial night.

Thursday: went to Unterzone to confirm the fact that Catalyst is a gutless wonder.

Friday: hung out with Antiore to celebrate her acceptance to Humber and getting her loan. (yay! for open air drinking on a warm night on a playground)

Saturday: 11am to 7pm, made a lot of money for my boss.

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