Saturday Night in Puddle Town    2002-06-22 18:55:15 ET
I'm on my way out the door soon to the Hinamon's birthday celebration (he's an ex-roommate). It's at a karaoke bar called the Galaxy. No, I don't sing, I just watch everyone else make an ass of themselves.

Every year we try to get the Hinamon up there to sing. We almost did once when he saw that One was in the bar's song listings, but it turned out to be the U2 version instead of Metallica's version, and he chickened out.

 Bye, Bye Dreads    2002-06-21 21:23:53 ET
I have so much less hair. Pics soon to come...

 Play List For Show #6    2002-06-20 14:29:13 ET
Skinny Puppy - Anger
X10 - Repulsion
Clock DVA - Voice Recognition Test
Implant - You Are What You Hear
Somatic Responses - Critical Path
Black Lung - The Club of Smokers
Foetus - Verklemmt
Lard - Hellfudge
Ministry - Hizbollah
Die Form - Rain of Blood (download version)
amGod - Fall Out
The Klinik - Hypnotized (remix)
Pzykobitch - Come Back
B-TON-K - The Guide
Society Burning - Hold Your Breath (dreams 1 & 2)
Ammo - The Sniper Syndrome (implant mix)
Wumpscut - Pest
Einsturzende Neubauten - Rausch/Die Interimsliebenden
Download - Glassblower
Soma - Baal
Feindflug - Foltersequenz
*Bloodhound Gang - A Lap Dance is Always Better When the Stripper is Crying

*denotes request

Until next week, muah-ha-ha...

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 live365    2002-06-20 12:01:50 ET
I'm on now...

Do you dare to listen?

 My Friday    2002-06-19 17:25:32 ET
The store I work at was broken into very early this morning. I thinks that it's the same fuck that did the same thing last year. It was like a weird flashback when I came to work today. Just like before they smashed the glass in the front door, walked through it, smashed the front counter, stole trays of silver rings plus a tray of beads, and didn't touch anything else. They didn't even touch the till. The last time this happened they left one tray of rings that were all silver and amber, worth a lot more than what they did take. Dumb-asses.

We did have a witness and I recognize the perp's description.

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