2002-06-13 23:28:44 ET
Still awake and the rev is in a poopy mood. I even offered his computer back to him to try and make him happy and all he could say was "blah". It makes me be in a poopy mood too. But at least it is now cool (temp. wise) in our apartment now.
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 Show #5 Playlist    2002-06-13 14:26:15 ET
Implant - Log On/Log Off
HMB - In the Beginning
Psychic TV - Snowflake
cEvin Key - 15th Shade
Kalte Farben - The Innocents
En Esch - Confidence
B-TON-K - Brain Police
Monolith - Matix B
Numb - Closer
Pain Station - T.O.S.
Index - The Model
Cleen - Sunburst
Ritalin - Imago
The Klinik - Moving Hands (tim schult mix)
Black Lung - A High Cabal
Sheep On Drugs - X-Lover
Chris Connelly - July
Bigod 20 - On the Run
Foetus - Decent Into the Inferno
Skinny Puppy - Burnt With Water
yelworC - Crucified West
Architect - Pastgate

Thanks everyone who listened this week. :D
I'm open to requests so send them in!

 Live 365    2002-06-13 12:03:06 ET
I'm on now!

Click the link in my bio to listen.

 A little story...    2002-06-10 22:42:36 ET
My ex (Scooter) is a trim-carpenter by trade. He used to go out and do odd jobs for some extra cash.

He once was on a job with this guy from his full time work, Rex. Rex has a steel plate in his head from a motorcycle accident.

Rex had got them a job putting in a door at a dive bar on lower Burnside. Everything was going fine until Rex took a nail gun from the ground and accidentally shot himself in the elbow with it. He didn't panic. Instead he just turned to Scooter and showed him. Scooter, of course, was shocked and offered to take him to the hospital right away. Rex just told him no and asked him to pull the nail out. Scooter did it and Rex still refused to go to a hospital.

So a couple of weeks later Rex was wondering why he couldn't move his elbow and his arm hurt. He had developed an infection and had just ignored it. He did finally go to the hospital; damn lucky they didn't have to amputate.

A year later he was not paying full attention to his job and took off the tips of a couple of his fingers with a table-saw. I'm still waiting to read about him as a lucky recipient of a Darwin Award.

     2002-06-10 20:03:10 ET
It's just one of those days where I want to make an entry but nothing really happened today.

Play on the computer

Maybe, if I start posting my results from every on-line quiz known to man, I'll have an interesting journal.


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