Can't Take It Anymore...    2002-06-18 21:32:16 ET
I have an appointment to get my hair cut and dyed by my friend Donna on Friday. The dreads must go!

 I Feel Important    2002-06-16 21:41:14 ET
I get to go to the Portland Gift Show tomorrow on a buying expedition for work. Hi! No technical skills but hey, I can shop.

Why am I having trouble getting The Lap-dance Is Always Better When the Stripper Is Crying by the Bloodhound Gang out of my head? I've found myself humming it on and off all day.

 Diablo II Is Calling Me    2002-06-15 18:06:38 ET
It's been over 6 months since I last played it. My level 50-something paladin named Asschew has unfinished business with Baal in the expansion on nightmare difficulty. Must resist urge because it will swallow my life again.

 Denied    2002-06-15 01:34:27 ET
We tried to hike up to Witches Castle again tonight. But there were kids partying up there. We heard them long before we could see them, so we just hiked back. We sat at a wayside on the path and watched two of the party-goers walk by totally in the dark. They were oblivious to the four people watching them from the shadows. For the wtf? factor , we started talking loudly after they past.

Got some pics with the camera. But since we never made it to the castle we didn't get any of it. Maybe next time.

 Bored.    2002-06-14 18:07:15 ET
The rev is going to kick me off his computer soon. We have no cable and unfortunately I don't like to read much right now.

The pollen in the air has been trying eat my face off for the last two days. I hate allergies.

I'd find a hobby if my nose didn't feel like it was going to fall off.

*currently resisting the urge to rub eyes*

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