2002-07-27 18:35:58 ET

snatch is on.

suppose to go out. no one has called.

fukk that noize. i am sick of having fake friends. there needs to be kewl peeps in this shithole.

that is all.
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2002-07-26 17:11:30 ET


the stanley kubrick version is on.

i shall clean and chase the glorious white lines.


2002-07-26 13:31:00 ET

my body is trying to kill me.
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2002-07-25 13:02:18 ET

oh bliss.

it has been raining for 2 days straight. this is sooo gloriuosly wonderful.

i hope we get a mad hardcore thunder storm tonight. then i can go to the clay cliffs and have a big mud fight with the kru.

nothing better then disgruntled people in a big pile of mud.

i had bizarre dreams last night. i miss ricky. but i am too afraid to call him. oh well. just another hopeless boi.

bye all. off to dance in da rain!

2002-07-24 07:29:41 ET

yay. its FINALLY rainging outside.

which means i can leave my house, and get some shopping done that i need.

its funny that i say i need stuff. altho i do. my room is sooo extremely clutter with shit. yet every week i go buy more.

anyways. i finally got my milemarker cd from my bro. YUMM!

off i go to shop and look like the town h0e.

beh. have fun kiddles.
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